Proposed Bill Would Arm Maryland School Resource Officers

Schools aren’t really dangerous places, by and large, despite the hysteria perpetuated by anti-gunners and the media. Most violence in schools are just the same fistfights that we all saw during our school days. The odds of there being anything more than that are actually pretty low.

However, “low” doesn’t mean “zero.” For better or worse, there are threats and risks to our children. There’s a reason so many places have school resource officers in place.

Now, a Maryland bill seeks to arm theirs.

There was a hearing in the Senate on Tuesday on a bill that would require all resource officers to carry guns in schools.

Senator J.B. Jennings, who sponsors the bill, says Baltimore City is the only school district that doesn’t allow its school resource officers to carry guns.

“If they’re required to carry their weapon with them doing their job, whether they’re pulling somebody over on the side of the road or breaking up a fight at a a bar,” said Jennings. “Why shouldn’t they have the same tool with them when they are protecting our kids at school.”

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here amazed that Baltimore, of all places, doesn’t allow school resource officers to have guns. Baltimore. One of the most violent cities in the nation, and they won’t let the police officers charged with protecting their schools have guns?

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

However, let’s also remember that Baltimore is a city also overrun by anti-police sentiment. They simply don’t trust their police to do anything right, which isn’t a good place for any community to be in.

I pray it doesn’t come back to bite the city in the posterior because some tragedy could have been averted if only their school resource officers had been armed.

That said, I’m mighty much afraid that’s going to happen.

Jennings said that his bill is an effort to prevent other communities in Maryland from pushing such an insane policy position. He also introduced a similar bill last year, only to have that bill die in committee. I don’t see this bill getting much further despite the common sense nature of it. That’s because Baltimore has an outsized influence on state politics, much like how Chicago dominates Illinois.

As a result, the state will continue to be very anti-police and continue to put police officers’ lives at risk simply because they got mad at the actions of a handful. Worse yet, though, they’re putting students’ lives at risk because of their own anti-cop bias.

That wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself if they didn’t also have such a pronounced anti-gun bias in general. They won’t allow teachers to carry a gun and won’t allow even school police to carry one either.

How long until some deranged gunman decides to take advantage of that little tidbit? It’s not exactly classified information, so just how long? How many will die as a result?

It’s well past time for Maryland to put an end to this kind of stupidity.