Alleged White Supremacist And Terrorist Seeks Pre-Trial Release

Just days before the Richmond Lobby Day rally, police announced they’d made several arrests. These arrests were of alleged members of a white supremacist organization called The Base. Authorities claim that the man planned on opening fire at the rally in hopes of sparking a civil war which they believed would bring down the nation so they could replace it with their racist Utopia or some such nonsense.

Luckily, they were thwarted in their plans.

One of the accused, though, is now seeking to be released from jail.

A Maryland man accused of joining a white supremacist group and discussing violence at a gun rights rally in Virginia is seeking his pretrial release from federal custody.

In a court filing Wednesday, defense attorney Ned Smock asked a federal magistrate judge in Greenbelt, Maryland, to schedule a detention hearing for Brian Mark Lemley, who was indicted on gun-related charges.

“The defense has a proposed release plan to present to the Court that we submit addresses any concern about risk of flight or danger to the community,” wrote Smock, an assistant federal public defender. Smock did not disclose any details of that plan.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy Sullivan and federal prosecutors didn’t immediately respond to Lemley’s request for a hearing. Sullivan already has refused to set bond for two other men who were arrested in January on related charges.

That’s probably for the best.

After all, one of these guys was Canadian, which means the organization exists in the Great White North. With our porous borders, it wouldn’t be difficult for any of the accused to slip away and cross a border and beyond the reach of law enforcement.

Now, would The Base help with that? Honestly, I don’t know enough about the group to say, but I suspect they would. After all, these guys are likely heroes to them.

Unfortunately, though, the media and anti-gun activists will continue to pretend these are our people, that they’re somehow aligned with us simply because they also like guns. The problem with that is these were people who were going to kill our folks in an effort to spark their own civil war. They wanted to shoot our brothers and sisters so we would get so enraged that we’d start shooting police and military in response.

They’re not our people, they’re clearly our enemies.

I’m sorry, but anyone who wants to shoot law-abiding Second Amendment activists, particularly to stoke the flames on an already tense situation for their own personal gain, has made a choice to be our enemies.

Do not let the media paint these people as our allies. They’re alleged terrorists who only failed to kill our friends and neighbors because they were caught before they could hurt anyone. I’m thankful for that. Lives were saved by law enforcement when they made those arrests.

So no, I’m not too keen on these guys walking around. Especially when we know they have supporters outside this country who might help facilitate them leaving the country illegally.