Dems, Media Continue Spinning Biden's Anti-Gun Tirade

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s anti-gun tirade is still dominating much of the gun control news, and it’s understandable. After all, it’s not every day a presidential candidate tells a concerned citizen they’re “full of s**t” and it’s recorded for the world to see. Yet here we are.


After spending the last four years decrying aggressive politicians who use coarse language, it’s amazing to see how the Democrats have shifted.

While 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden faced controversy for his feud with an autoworker over gun rights, Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said on Wednesday that the former vice president gains support when he shows that type of passion.

“I think he gained hundreds of votes. He’s a man of passion,” the former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman told “Fox & Friends.”

Brazile said she has known Biden for 30 years and said that he “will speak his mind.”

Of course, Trump was deemed unpresidential when he lashed out at folks, but it’s totally different with Biden. After all, gun rights proponents aren’t really people, right?

It’s not just the Democrats working to spin this for Biden, but also their allies in the media.

An analysis piece published by CNN on Tuesday argues that former Vice President Joe Biden’s heated argument with a worker at a Detroit auto plant was “probably a good thing” for the 2020 front-runner, sparking a big response online.

Hours before polls closed in Michigan, Biden raised eyebrows after having a fiery exchange with Jerry Wayne over the candidate’s stance on gun rights. Along with profanity, the former vice president also threatened to “slap” him.

Despite it becoming a controversy on social media, CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza suggested it wasn’t the “bad moment” the Trump campaign framed it as on Twitter.

“This was a bad moment — in the mind of the Trump team — for Biden. I’m not so sure,” Cillizza wrote. “It’s hard to see how Biden getting in a shouting match with a guy saying that Biden wants to take away peoples’ guns (fact check: not true) and using a few expletives to make his point is a negative (if it has any impact at all) for him.”


Except that the only thing more false than Biden’s comments was Cillizza’s fact check.

Look at what Biden is proposing for a second here. You’ll either be required to sell your AR-15s or AK-47s to the government or register them like a Class III firearm. The problem with that is not everyone gets approved for a Class III firearm, so we’re going to have to ask permission to keep our property.

How is that not taking our guns away?

Everything Biden said about guns was wrong. He couldn’t even get the name of the damn weapon right, for crying out loud. There’s not a single accurate statement on Biden’s part.

Yet his allies want to make this about passion, about being “real” or something. No, I have no doubt that that was the real Biden. That and the hair-sniffing weirdo that freaks so many people out are definitely the real Joe Biden.

That’s not a compliment, though. The real Joe Biden doesn’t know a damn thing about the subject of guns, despite having spent decades in his personal war against them.

Luckily for him, he has a complicit media that will allow him to get away with whatever. The bigger question, however, is whether the electorate will or not.


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