Chris Murphy Lies About What NRA Suggests In Video

Over the weekend, the National Rifle Association released a video with a disabled woman talking about important the Second Amendment is at a time like this. We covered it over the weekend here.


It’s an important message that can’t be overstated. Especially right now. Many people rely on their firearms for self-defense primarily because they really don’t have any other choice.

Yet Connecticut’s anti-gun Senator Chris Murphy couldn’t address the actual points being made, he had to outright lie about what the video said.

Except, the NRA nor Carletta Whiting didn’t say that at all.

First, on the subject of stockpiling food, there’s absolutely nothing said against people doing so. Frankly, as people are being told to shelter in place and even that may not halt the spread of the disease, stockpiling food makes a great deal of sense. Especially as people continue to panic and horde essentials. Buying a little extra each trip might be quite prudent.

After all, it’s only a surprisingly short hop from panic buying to looting.


Which brings me to what Whiting actually did say. She pointed out that if you’re stockpiling supplies but have no means to defend those supplies, then you’re really stockpiling them for someone else. In other words, if you don’t have a gun to protect your stuff, someone with a gun may well come and take all that you’ve put aside.

Oh, sure, there are ways to mitigate the risk, but all it takes is for one person to know you have something and BOOM! You’ve got a problem.

Whiting’s advice to have a gun is dead accurate, but she never advocates anyone to “stockpile assault weapons, instead of food, to get ready for the coming Coronavirus civil war.”

First, actual assault weapons are generally impossible for the average American to get anyway. However, that’s being pedantic. You and I know what Murphy is talking about, though.

Whiting never says to stockpile them. She suggests having a firearm. Period. She has a semi-auto AR-15 chambered in 9 mm, which Murphy calls an assault rifle, but isn’t really that much different than the handguns currently being ignored by anti-gun lawmakers. Whiting doesn’t mention models, calibers, types, or anything else, though. How is she advocating stockpiling “assault weapons” when she never mentions a specific type of gun?


Further, stockpiling suggests that she expressly advocating buying a lot of them, which is also false.

As for “the coming Coronavirus civil war,” that’s pure fiction as well. Civil unrest and looting do not a civil war make.

Honestly, Murphy just made up whatever he wanted to say because he knows that most of his followers won’t actually listen to Whiting. They’ll take Murphy’s BS assessment of what was said as gospel truth and run around like their hair is on fire telling people the NRA is warning people of a coronavirus civil war and that they should stockpile guns and stuff. They don’t care about the truth, they just want to demonize their boogieman more than normal.

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