WI Man Reportedly Assaults Roomie Over Possible COVID-19 Exposure

We’re all a little on edge right now, what with this whole plague thing going on. For some, life isn’t very different. They’re still able to shop, work, and otherwise exist fairly normally because there’s not really an issue where they’re at.


For others, it’s a little different. Some of us are living very different lives right now because of COVID-19.

Yet part of this isn’t so much because everyone is so vulnerable, but because it helps protect those who are. I don’t mind minimizing contact with others because both my kids have a history of breathing issues, for example.

Others, however, are a little too jumpy about this.

Thomas Mikulance, 53, of the 400 block of Three Mile Road, is charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, with domestic abuse assessments.

According to the criminal complaint:
On Wednesday, Caledonia Police responded to the 400 block of Three Mile Road for a report of an assault. The caller said that his friend showed up at his residence covered in blood and said he had been assaulted by his roommate, Mikulance.

The victim returned to the apartment with blood around his nose and told police that he told Mikulance that he may have come into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The victim said Mikulance called him “nasty” and was angry that the victim did not wash his hands, a precaution in stemming the spread of the virus.


The victim also claimed Mikulance spit on him and hit him several times.

Now, I don’t know whether the victim washed his hands or not. I don’t know that he took any precautions at all. None of that actually matters right now.

What matters is that someone got so worked up over this disease that he committed an act of violence because of the potential for exposure.

Mikulance apparently has been charged with domestic violence a couple of times before, which suggests that this isn’t a new thing for his temper. The difference, however, is the trigger for him.

Honestly, expect this kind of thing to happen a whole lot more. People are suddenly cooped up in their homes with other people with almost no outlet for interaction with others and tempers wear pretty thin fairly quickly. That’s even more true if we’re talking about roommates who simply cohabitate but rarely interact or are even hostile to one another.

This kind of thing is going to happen.

Especially as no one is really sure what’s accurate and what isn’t. We have media reports of hospitals considering universal DNR orders for at least some patients, all while the government is saying we’re not even remotely to that point. It’s confusing, so it’s not surprising that there’s at least some degree of anger bubbling up.


That does not justify violently assaulting someone. It never will.

I mean, I could get it if the roommate had intentionally tried to infect Mikulance or something. Then you could call it self-defense. Instead, you’ve got Mikulance allegedly acting like an ass.

More importantly, if the roommate does have the virus, I’m pretty sure punching him violates all those social distancing rules we’ve heard so much about and thus increases one’s likelihood of infection. Just a hunch, though.

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