UK Man Walking Dog Threatened Over Lockdown Exercise

With so many of us being told to shelter in place except for essential travel, a lot of people are starting to get a little jumpy. It’s hard not to be, to be completely honest. The news isn’t very good and even the optimistic numbers are sobering.


However, one thing we can do to alleviate the boredom is to get a little exercise. While gyms are closed, you can still take a walk or a run by yourself in most places. Even in the U.K. where there’s so little they actually could do even before COVID-19.

For one gentleman walking his dog, though, none of any of that seemed to matter.

A dog walker claims he was threatened by a man and woman wielding guns after ‘using a public right of way’ for his coronavirus lockdown exercise.

The man had gone on an afternoon stroll in Willaston when he says he was confronted by the pair who were both carrying weapons.

He claims one of the guns was repeatedly fired in the air after a row erupted over whether he should be using the land which the suspects insisted was privately owned.

The incident at 3pm  on Sunday (March 29) has since been reported to police.

The man claims he was confronted by the woman while the man fired shots up in the air, something that’s illegal under British law.

It seems the couple argued that the dog walker was trespassing. The man maintains he was walking on public land.

Regardless, the police are investigating.

Either way, though, it seems those gun laws in England aren’t really keeping guns out of folks’ hands, now are they? I mean, both these folks had guns, presented them when faced with a trespasser–and to be clear, that’s not generally grounds for pointing a gun at someone even in most parts of the U.S., much less England where they don’t believe in self-defense–and neither sound like career, hardened criminals.


In other words, these don’t sound like black market guns. How did they get them under U.K. law?

I’m sure those questions will be answered when the police begin their investigation. For what it’s worth, it seem the police believe the dog walker did stray onto private property, which is something he clearly shouldn’t have done. Further, let’s not be surprised to find out that he knew it and when he shared this story on social media, he filed off his own screw up so he’d garner nothing but sympathy.

That said, this still isn’t something you threaten another party over. Especially if they made no threatening moves.

Especially if you’re in England.

I guess the fellow should be glad they didn’t think he was spreading COVID-19 or something.

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