Some Liberals Get Rude Awakening When Buying Guns

Some Liberals Get Rude Awakening When Buying Guns

While some try to argue gun control isn’t a partisan issue, it really does tend to be. Sure, there are exceptions as with everything else, but by and large, the right tends to be pro-gun and the left tends to be anti-gun. If you see a politician with a “D” after their name, it’s usually a safe bet to assume they’re anti-gun.


However, a lot of liberals have now decided they need a gun. They need one badly. So, they go to buy one.

In the process, they run smack into the laws they likely supported, as noted by Kira Davis at our sister site, RedState.

I was chatting with a friend of mine recently and the topic of gun sales came up. My friend’s father owns a gun range near me and she said he’s seen a huge amount of liberals coming in to purchase weapons in recent weeks.

How does he know they’re liberals?

“They’re shocked to discover they can’t just walk out of the store with a gun.”

We’ve all heard about gun sales skyrocketing recently, but I hadn’t considered some of the tangential effects of the phenomenon until I spoke to my friend. Not only are many liberals suddenly learning to love their Second Amendment rights, many of them are finding out that the gun control narrative in this country — as repeated loudly and often by Hollywood and the mainstream media — is a complete lie.

Kira then spoke with her friend’s father to get the low-down and sure enough, a lot of liberals are shocked they can’t just walk out with their new firearm. They should be able to, of course, but they can’t. Why? Politicians they likely backed pushed policies they likely supported and then forgot about. (You should go read the whole thing.)


Now, bear in mind that Kira lives in California, a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the entire nation. These new gun buyers were stymied by some of the most oppressive regulations on the books.

But this kind of thing isn’t restricted to just California.

From Marion Hammer writing at the NRA-Institute of Legislative Action:

An employee of a Florida Gun Shop called me last week to let us know that a very liberal customer was quite angry that he could not pick out a gun, pay for it and walk out of the store with it.  This is the story he shared in pretty much his own words:

After filling out the 4473 Form, and showing his drivers license, the customer was annoyed that he had to go through a background check.  He angrily questioned, “Don’t you know who I am?”  (He is a City Commissioner) When I told him it didn’t matter, he said it was a waste of resources to do background checks on law-abiding people and said the law obviously “needed exceptions.”

The same individual then flipped out when he found out he then had to wait three days per Florida state law.

However, that last bit betrays something about many liberals, especially with regard to gun laws, that needs to be understood. For many, they support gun laws, but they only really mean for them to apply to you and me. Note how the law obviously “needed exceptions,” meaning he shouldn’t be subject to the law like everyone else?


That’s far from universal, of course. I know a few gun-owning liberals who oppose gun control because they understand that the laws will apply to everyone equally and these are laws that shouldn’t exist. I respect them for it.

But a lot of liberals are getting a wakeup call about guns.

You want to know why gun control groups have been fighting so hard to keep gun stores closed during this pandemic? Because far too many of their supporters are going to buy guns and are finding out that they’re not nearly as easy to get as they’ve been told.

This should make for an interesting gun debate when this is all over, don’t you think?

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