No, Gov. Inslee, Trump Isn't Fomenting Anything

While many of us find ourselves under some variation of “stay your butts at home” orders, there’s a reason to some degree. I’ve written a lot about how things are in my neck of the woods in relation to COVID-19. I get the reason for the orders we’re under and I was following them even before it was an order. Of course, the moment it became an order, I started itching to go out for a steak dinner and to watch a movie.

The truth is, a lot of Americans are bristling at the restrictions they find themselves placed under. While it’s easy for those of us in highly infected regions to look at them like they’re crazy, it’s important to note that many of these regions have little or no exposure to COVID-19.

Governors pushing these measures have done a poor job trying to sell them to their constituents. In fact, many haven’t really bothered at all. Especially some of the more draconian restrictions like banning the sale of non-essential items at stores that also sell essential goods. That, coupled with all the other restrictions, have people bristling.

It’s bad enough that people are now willing to risk infection to protest many of those restrictions. What’s more, President Trump has offered his own support, which has been horribly misrepresented.

I wanted to take a moment, though, and address Washington state Governor Jay Inslee’s comments.

No, Governor Inslee, the president isn’t fomenting domestic rebellion. You and your fellow Democratic governors are.

You’re fomenting it by creating more and more restrictions, first on people’s Second Amendment rights, now on their right to even leave their home. People are being arrested for being alone in the ocean or playing ball with their kid in an otherwise empty park. People are trying to stay sane and Democratic governors throughout the nation are making it downright impossible.

People are still trying their damnedest to get through this, but restrictions on what you can buy and where you can buy it aren’t going to sit well.

The truth is, Governor Inslee, that if there is a domestic rebellion in this country, you and yours planted the seeds of it long ago. You cannot continue to treat free Americans like your personal subjects and not get some degree of pushback. That’s what you’re seeing right now.

While President Trump’s support may not have been particularly helpful with how it was phrased, he’s merely recognizing what so many of us have already seen. You and your fellow anti-gun officials have decided that your states are really your personal fiefdoms and you want your subjects docile and unable to fight back.

That’s not how we do things in this country.

Besides, I find it amusing that you think we’ll get domestic rebellion from a group of people who support the president when, really, there’s little reason some of those folks would rebel against the federal government right now.

No, this is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to cast your opponents as violent extremists waiting for a moment they can start shooting people. Meanwhile, just look one state to your south where Portland has played host to violent demonstrations over and over again. Tell me, who is being violent in those demonstrations? It ain’t the right.

President Trump isn’t fomenting armed rebellion in this country, though. Oh no, that’s been you and yours, Gov. Inslee, both by ignoring groups like Antifa and by demonizing your opponents over and over again while doing your damnedest to add more and more restrictions to their lives.

If there is a rebellion, it’s on you.