IL Man Illustrates How Not To Be A Gun Owner

When you stand for our Second Amendment rights, you tend to talk a lot about responsible gun owners. They are, by and large, the majority of gun owners in this country. They follow the rules, don’t hurt anyone, and just want to be left alone. Anti-gunners, however, tend to not see them. They tend to ignore their existence and instead focus on the criminals who make up a tiny minority of people are usually obtained their guns illegally anyway.

But they don’t just focus on them. There’s also the potential they’ll point out someone like this, too.

An intoxicated man brandished a gun and fired it inside a home Saturday night, police said.

The gunman, 44-year-old John Ambrose, was arrested at a Timber Springs Drive home shortly after 10:30 p.m., according to an email sent Monday by Joliet Police Officer Olin Torkelson.

When the law arrived, “Ambrose fled into the residence, refusing to speak with officers,” Torkelson said.

“Officers determined that Ambrose was intoxicated, brandished a firearm, made threats towards family members, and discharged a firearm inside the residence,” Torkelson said. “Family members had exited the residence prior to officers arriving on scene.”

Guns and alcohol do not mix.

Say it with me, boys and girls, “Guns and alcohol do not mix.”

It’s one thing if you’ve had a few drinks and someone breaks into your home, but otherwise? Otherwise, you leave the gun alone if you’re going to have a few.

Oh, I know what someone out there is saying right now. They’re talking about how they can handle it and they won’t do stupid things like this guy. What’s more, they’re probably right. They probably won’t do the stupid stuff Ambrose allegedly did.

Nope. They’ll do all new stupid stuff.

Look, alcohol is a depressant. What it depresses are the parts of your brain that help you make good judgments. It’s why people start texting their ex after having a few. It’s why we don’t let people drive after having a few. While driving isn’t a right, it does require your ability to make good judgment to be intact, as well as having your reaction speeds up to snuff–something else that alcohol depresses.

No good comes out of people doing this kind of thing. I don’t care what Captain Morgan or Jack Daniels tells you, you can’t dance and you really don’t need to be handling a firearm. You just don’t.

Now, because of this alleged foolishness, someone who is a responsible gun owner will likely have to deal with this when they’re debating gun rights with someone. Ambrose will be held up as the gold standard by an anti-gunner and others will be forced to defend the Second Amendment in the face of that.

This is a prime example of how not to be a gun owner, and we need to call these turdnuggets out at every opportunity. By doing so, we can make it clear that we don’t condone this kind of thing and that no one anywhere should be forced to defend it. Oh, we’ll still have to, but it becomes much easier when people know you’ve already called it out as stupid and irresponsible.