Meghan McCain Put "The View" Anti-Gunners In Their Places

The television program “The View” isn’t what anyone should call good television, much less balanced journalism. After all, when you drop three liberals and a conservative on a TV show, you’re not trying to be balanced. You’re trying to create a mob where the liberals outnumber the conservative on a regular basis, making it seem like the conservative argument is outside of the mainstream.

But the conservatives that have been on the show have gotten in some good points.

Yet when Meghan McCain was named as the new conservative host of The View, some conservatives rolled their eyes. They didn’t think she was really conservative enough for such a role.

And yet, she managed to fire off this one to her liberal colleagues as they freaked out about guns at right-wing demonstrators taking issue with the quarantine.

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain defended the “perfectly normal” spectacle of right-wing demonstrators carrying guns to protest coronavirus lockdowns.

Other panelists were alarmed by the armed protesters, but McCain suggested coastal elites simply didn’t understand why military-style weapons were so symbolically important to conservatives.

“I continue to be split on it because I see those kind of protesters with guns and I understand that for a lot of people watching this show, that may seem very foreign, and it may seem violent, but it’s perfectly normal to me and it’s perfectly legal in the states that they did it in,” McCain said. “It’s a culture symbol. Anybody bringing a gun to a rally is showing which side of the gun argument they’re on, which, you know, is an argument that’s being brought up in these type of protests.”

McCain said rural conservatives resent outsiders telling them what to do.

Which, of course, is correct.

The problem many of us have with the so-called coastal elites or urban elites is that they see the problems in the cities and figure the fixes they come up with need to be applied universally. She brought up the example of telling coal miners that they needed to learn to code, that they needed to change careers and, essentially, their way of life because Los Angeles has an issue with smog.

When it comes to guns, we see this play out a thousand different ways.

For example, Chicago or Baltimore has an issue with violence, so the state passes gun control that impacts everyone. They simply don’t care about the rural parts of the state and the role a firearm might play in those areas.

Over the last few days, I’ve been binge-watching Homestead Rescue on the Discovery Channel. For those unfamiliar with the show, a family of experienced homesteaders visit people’s failing homesteads and helps them fix the problems. One thing we see on the show pretty regularly is the role firearms play on a homestead, particularly in getting game and protecting the property from predators.

Yet the ladies on The View never see that. They don’t get it because that’s not their life. They don’t understand it.

Meghan McCain, however, apparently does. Personally, I applaud her for making that stand for our Second Amendment rights when her colleagues clearly didn’t get it.