CA Man Arrested After 50 Break-Ins, Found With Guns, Ammo

The gun control debate shouldn’t really exist. The debate should revolve exclusively around trying to reduce crime, especially violent crime. In theory, that’s what the debate is to some people. They’re just really convinced that the only potential solution is gun control.


Meanwhile, criminals continue to get guns through illicit means. They either steal them or buy them from someone after they were stolen. Maybe the seller stole them, maybe he bought it from a third-party. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is that criminals get their guns on the black market.

They get them because of people like this California man.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said detectives along with South San Francisco Police detectives obtained a $5 million arrest warrant for 20-year-old Francisco Cruz-Ramirez following a year-long investigation.

Cruz-Ramirez was arrested on April 18 in the city of Modesto on 53 counts of residential burglary, all of them occuring in San Mateo County, the sheriff’s office said.

As part of the investig,ation, detectived seized eight rifles, three shotguns, two handguns, ammunition, a bullet-proof vest, and several pieces of stolen property, the sheriff’s office said.

The DA’s office said Cruz-Ramirez’s primary modus operandi was to shatter the homes’ sliding glass doors to gain entry, and that five of the homes were occupied at the time.

Approximately $2 million in property was stolen, including more than 100 firearms, the DA’s office said.


So they found 13 guns at his home, but suspect he stole more than 100. I guess we all know what happened to the rest of the weapons, now don’t we? He sold them to others, most likely.

What do you want to bet he didn’t have the buyers fill out a Form 4473 and conduct a NICS background check?

Criminals have long been known to do this kind of thing. They steal guns, then sell them. It’s kind of why they steal stuff in the first place, at least in the vast majority of cases. I mean, no one steals a Ferrari simply because they want a Ferrari of their very own. They steal it and sell it or they just drive it around a while. That’s about it.

The same is true of guns.

Unfortunately, you’re never going to stop this kind of thing from happening. The only way you can stop criminals from stealing guns is if there are no guns for criminals to steal. Of course, many gun grabbers are reading that sentence and thinking, “You’re damn right!” The problem is, the idea of a world with no guns to steal is a non-starter. For one, the Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms. That means you don’t get to ban them no matter how much you want to.


Further, even if you tried, there are a lot of people who just wouldn’t tell you about their guns. That includes me.

So there will always be guns for people like this to steal. Locking them up doesn’t automatically make them protected, either. Gun locked aren’t that hard to defeat and don’t actually prevent theft. Gun safes might, but they’re expensive and heavy and less than ideal for things like second-story apartments. As such, you can only do so much.

And even if you somehow made it so no one had a gun to steal, the bad guys would find other ways to get guns.

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