No Matter The Nation, Gun Grabbers Exploit Tragedy

Here in the United States, many on the gun-rights side have a special feeling of dread when we learn of a mass shooting. Not only do we mourn for the families of those killed and pray for those injured, but we also know that in no time flat, the anti-gun jihadists will pop out of the ground like weeds to tell us just how we need to enact gun control, usually their pet gun control proposal, all before we actually know anything.

It’s not right that the nation can’t mourn for a bit before these self-appointed white knights swoop in to tell us how the only appropriate reaction to such tragedies is to curtail our rights, especially when there’s no evidence such curtailments actually stop mass shootings.

Well, it seems our friends north of the border know the feeling.

Law-abiding Canadian gun owners are the favourite scapegoats of the Liberal federal government.

Despite the fact that gun crime in Canada is caused by gangs, and the obvious reality that our country would be safer if we had more law-abiding experienced firearm owners as opposed to dangerous gang members, the Liberals refuse to focus on the actual source of the danger.

The Liberals repeatedly pretend that our gun laws are the same as in the United States, despite the immense differences.

They ignore that Canada’s firearm owners are among the most careful and law-abiding of all our citizens.

They ignore that in many rural areas, waiting for the police is simply not an option, and that for both hunting and security, it’s necessary for people in many parts of the country to own firearms to protect their families.

All of this is simply common sense, and you know that.

Unfortunately, we see once again that rather than follow facts or reality, the Liberals are seeking to scapegoat law-abiding gun owners following the horrific Nova Scotia tragedy.

Especially since it looks like the shooter in the tragedy wasn’t a lawful gun owner. If someone will illegally obtain a gun, then no gun law is really going to deter them from committing a crime, much less an atrocity like what happened in Nova Scotia.

And yet, Canadian anti-gunners are doing just that. (Of course, this one also writes, “The Gun Violence Archive, a respected aggregator of all incidents of gun violence in the U.S….” Uh, no, it’s not.)

They’re ready to encroach further on the gun rights of law-abiding Canadians because of the actions of a single lunatic. In a population of nearly 38 million, one crazy goes, well, crazy and they’re ready to punish the entire nation.

This is the mantra of the gun control advocate. They don’t actually care so much about what happened–oh, they may say they do, but few of their policy proposals have anything to do with what actually transpired–only that it gives them yet another opportunity to impact the lives of ordinary people who did nothing wrong.

With Canada, though, the rural areas can be very remote, more remote than many parts of the United States. Police might not arrive for hours. Yet these people would make it even more difficult for those in remote areas to protect themselves, their families, and their property from the dangers out there.

Anti-gunners, however, don’t seem to grok that, mostly because they don’t want to. If they did, they’d have to admit that maybe gun control isn’t the answer for everything, and they don’t want to do that. Neither the Canadian breed of the species nor the American breed are ever going to publicly admit any such thing.

Instead, they’ll just keep using the bodies of the slain as their personal soapbox.