Texas Man Livestreams Hunt For Cops To "Ambush And Kill"

A Texas man seems to have decided that he didn’t enjoy life as a free man and instead either wanted to die or live a large portion of his remaining days locked in a prison cell.

Oh, he may not have consciously decided that but unless he’s even dumber than he appears, he had to know that was the eventuality he faced.

You see, this Texas man not only decided to seek out a law enforcement officer to attack and kill, but he decided to do so on Facebook Live.

Texas man was arrested after filmed himself on Facebook Live trying to hunt down a lone police officer to kill.

Texarkana man Aaron Swenson, 36, was arrested on April 11 and charged with terroristic threats against an officer, evading detention with a vehicle and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

He posted a video on Facebook Live saying he was searching for a cop to ‘ambush and execute’ as he was driving through the Texarkana area around 10.30pm.

Officers saw the live video feed and figured out he was driving a black Chevrolet truck in the area of St. Michael Drive west of the I-369 highway.

Swenson said in the video that he just passed a cop on the road and was going back to attack him. When officers found him, Swenson sped away in his vehicle, launching a police chase.

Swenson then refused to exit the vehicle and spent allegedly spent 25 minutes listening to music before surrendering himself to police.

It seems Swenson is one of those calling for the boogaloo to kick-off and, apparently, this semi-functional moron figured “why wait?” Instead, he decided to target law enforcement officers, apparently citing the killing of Duncan Lemp as justification for it.

Nevermind that the Texarkana police had nothing to do with Lemp’s death. After all, that was in Maryland. Not just a different city but a completely different state. Police officers in one place aren’t the same as police in another. Holding one agency accountable for the actions of another is beyond stupid.

Then again, so is deciding this is the moment to start killing people because you’re so convinced in the righteousness of your cause that it excuses any action you take. Congrats, if you think that. You sound just like Antifa. Good freaking job.

Look, we may have to boogaloo at some point. I’m inclined to think it will happen, and probably much sooner than any of us should be comfortable with. Yet unless you want to lose the moral high ground, you’d damn well better understand that any killing you do needs to be defensive in nature. You don’t hunt down police officers who did nothing wrong just so you can score some points.

Then again, Swenson may have helped “the cause” out more than he realizes right about now. By getting himself locked up, the average IQ of everyone else on his side jumped up by a few points at a minimum.

This wasn’t about Duncan Lemp. It wasn’t about gun rights, liberty, or anything else. Not really. Swenson simply (allegedly) used all those trappings to justify what he really wanted to accomplish. He wanted attention.

Well, he got it. Good job, you tool.

Jun 25, 2022 12:30 PM ET