"Duck Dynasty" Star Willie Robertson's Home Targeted In Drive-By

For a while there, Duck Dynasty was kind of the show to watch on television. Some of us already knew the Robertsons from their Duck Commander show on the Outdoor Network, but a whole lot of people who weren’t really outdoor folks were introduced to the Lousiana family. Since then, the Robertsons have become fairly famous and aren’t known for keeping their opinions to themselves.

The fact that they tend to fall on the right side of the political aisle has made a number of people upset that they’re voicing an opinion. That can come with some risks these days.

Then again, just being famous has its risks.

It seems someone decided to provide Willie Robertson with a reminder of those “risks.”

The Louisiana estate of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson was fired at in a drive-by shooting Friday — with one bullet piercing a bedroom window, a report said.

Nobody was injured in the shooting, where up to 10 shots were fired at Robertson’s home from a suspected pickup truck on a road outside of the West Monroe property, according to the Monroe-News Star.

“We were pretty shook up,” Robertson, who had just left to go to the store before the 2:30 p.m. shooting, told the USA Today Network on Sunday.

“It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property. Nobody was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about 5 minutes before,” Robertson said.

Robertson said that while his family was all inside and unharmed, they’d just been outside a few minutes earlier. He also believes the shooter–who has been arrested–knew whose home they were shooting at.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office in Monroe, Louisiana, charged Daniel King Jr., 38, with one count of aggravated assault by drive by shooting and one count of criminal neglect of family and booked into OCC. Bond was set at $150,000.

No motive has been given for the shooting.

Of course, it’s unlikely this was just some random shooting. It might be a case of a mistaken address, of course, but Robertson doesn’t think it was and I don’t see any reason to think he’s wrong.

That means we have one of two possibilities here. One is that someone tried to take a shot at a celebrity, probably hoping to make themselves famous. It happens. Mark David Chapman has a Wikipedia entry for a reason, after all, so there’s a very real possibility that’s the motivating factor.

However, let’s also remember that Robertson was a vocal Trump supporter during the 2016 election. He campaigned for the president.

We currently live in a world where politics is a bloodsport for many people. Robertson made his stand and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it was why his home was targeted.

At this point, though, that’s pure speculation. What we know for a fact is that someone took shots at Robertson’s home with his family there and has been arrested. While the motivation matters, it’s not the most important aspect of this. The most important is that everyone is fine. I’m very thankful for that as I’m sure Robertson is. Second most important is that the shooter was arrested.

We can worry about the other stuff later.