Woman Opens Gun Store BECAUSE Of Whitmer's Orders

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become something of a focus for a lot of people’s rage. Her efforts to push her authority during this COVID-19 crisis has sparked outrage all throughout the nation. To be fair, she’s gone way too far, even if you’re concerned about the spread of the disease. Barring stores from selling certain products is beyond ridiculous.


However, Whitmer, who is most definitely an anti-gun politician, probably isn’t going to be thrilled to learn that there’s one more gun store in Michigan because of her.

“Flashpoint Firearms has been a wonderful journey, an experience me, especially being a woman owning this business,” Flashpoint Firearms owner Lisa Mayo said.

Mayo said that to her knowledge, she’s one of the only female gun retailers in the area. She said she’s always had a passion for personal protection.

“Always loved guns, always enjoyed it,” Mayo said.

Because the gun shows Mayo normally sells at are canceled for the time being, she decided to open up her first storefront off of Alpine in Comstock Park.

In other words, because Mayo couldn’t attend the gun shows she normally sold at, she opened up a storefront so she could stay in business. In short, she’s opened a store because of Whitmer.

You see, gun stores are considered essential businesses in Michigan, though I suspect Whitmer would love to list them as anything else. Still, she didn’t. That means if Mayo wants to sell guns, she needed to open a store.

So, she did.

Honestly, this is a pretty awesome story. Mayo was kept from doing business, so she found a way around it so she can go back to selling guns, which she seems to love. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and all that jazz. She could have just complained on Facebook but instead, she worked with what was available to her.


That’s smart. Especially since guns are so in demand right now, I doubt she’ll have much trouble moving merchandise, but she couldn’t move it without having a storefront. Millions of gun sold and she wasn’t able to take advantage of any of it…until now.

Mayo intends to comply with social distancing requirements.

Of course, this now makes me wonder how many other stores are we going to see pop up now because of Mayo. Think about it, there are a lot of dealers who just do the gun show circuit. They can’t do anything right now, but if they do like Mayo did and open a store, they could. Demand is still ridiculously high, so why not take advantage of it and start selling?

Then again, no one else may follow suit. They might not want the hassle or what have you. It doesn’t matter, though. Mayo found a way to sell guns, a product Whitmer isn’t a fan of, not just in spite of the governor, but because of her. I can’t help but applaud it and I hope she’s very successful going forward. It’s a feel-good story that I hope continues to feel good.

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