AirBnB Party Leads To Recovery Of Stolen Guns

Some folks like to party and they’re going to still do it regardless of any social distancing protocols you want to put in place. It’s not surprising. People who don’t wish to comply with a rule, simply won’t, and since most of the social distancing protocols are orders rather than traditionally-passed laws, even more people are likely to ignore them.


This has given rise to the era of the Karen. When she can’t demand to speak to someone’s manager, she’s treating the police like they’re the manager. She’ll call and make sure everyone knows every single sin being committed in her neighborhood.

However, this time, a Karen being all Karen actually yielded some positive results.

Stolen weapons, a large crowd and even underage kids were found at an Airbnb rental that allegedly turned into a party house.

Here is a portion of that 911 call:

“My carpentry neighbors have let me know at least 20 people have entered the house, which is what they’re not allowed to have. And since it’s social distancing, they’re not practicing social distancing.”

Police called for backup, saying it was far more than 20 people, and someone inside slammed the door refusing to give access to officers.

When police gained access, some partygoers had exited out the back. But 33 people were identified, and seven weapons were recovered, including an assault rifle, and two stolen weapons.

Most were charged with misdemeanors, but a couple got felony charges for the stolen guns.

Of course, there’s a good chance that at least some of the other weapons were stolen as well, but weren’t reported for whatever reason. If so, some people caught a lucky break and the rest of the community didn’t.

People who have stolen guns aren’t usually collectors. There are exceptions, of course, but those are for ultra-rare firearms, not guns like these. No, stolen guns like these suggest criminal behavior. These aren’t good, clean-cut, all-American kids looking to blow off some steam here. Not all of them, at least.


If people got away with possessing stolen guns, they’re not likely to be innocent buyers who just happened to buy from the wrong crowd. No, they’re likely to be bad people who will go on to do bad things.

But, what could the police do in those instances? I’m still not even sure how the police gained access, so unless that was done correctly, those two with felony charges are going to walk as well.

Hopefully, that’s not the case.

Look, I get that some people don’t seem to want to see anyone locked up on any kind of a weapons charge, but these are stolen guns. They were taken from a law-abiding gun owner who worked hard and paid for those weapons with the sweat of their own brow. No one has a right to take those from them, yet they did.

So far as I’m concerned, those who did it should rot.

Of course, that’s also not really a controversial opinion, either. Even the most hardcore pro-Second kind of guy tends to agree with gun thieves being scum, which is why I still retain at least some faith in humanity.


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