Canadian Man Found With Grenade

“Oh, we should be so much more like Canada,” some are saying right about now. That’s not surprising since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau simply banned countless firearms with the stroke of a pen. Of course, that includes a lot of guns I don’t even think Trudeau meant to ban, but still…

However, those of us who oppose such measures routinely argue that those inclined to get forbidden weapons will still manage to get them. They’re not going to be dissuaded by silly things like laws.

Our opponents would likely say, “Yeah, well, we have laws against people owning grenades and people don’t get those, now do they?”

Of course, they’d feel more than a bit silly right now.

A 55-year-old man faces assault, explosives and firearms charges after RCMP arrested him and confiscated 17 guns, as well as explosives, at a home in Salmon River, N.S.

Police evacuated a four-unit building on Salmon River Road on Sunday evening after receiving a call about a disturbance in which a victim was assaulted.

Officers seized 17 firearms, a commercial detonator, a grenade, a smoke grenade, flares and gunpowder, the Mounties said in a news release.

So, he was found to have a grenade in a country that prides itself on its strict gun control policies. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this, either.

Oddly, we don’t see many cases of grenades turning up here in the U.S.

Not that it matters, though, because grenades are essentially banned pretty much everywhere. Yes, technically, you can get a grenade. Pay the $200 tax stamp and you can buy it. Assuming you can get law enforcement to sign off on it, that is.

Regardless, for all practical purposes, they’re banned.

Meanwhile, though, anti-gunners are continuing to crow about how Trudeau just showed something they believe counts as leadership. Nevermind that his anti-gun crusade started with a photo of him surfacing in brown-face. The media doesn’t care about that because Trudeau went after guns.

And they let him.

That’s what this is all about. Trudeau is just paying a debt. While I doubt he secretly harbors pro-gun sympathies or anything, I don’t think this would have been that pressing for him even with Nova Scotia happening. But then those photos surfaced and, taking a page from Ralph Northam’s playbook, went to town declaring a personal jihad against guns.

Nova Scotia just gave him the political cover to get away with it. Nothing more.

Criminals will still get their hands on these guns just like this guy got his hands on a grenade. You’re not going to stop people like that. All they’ve managed to do is put law-abiding Canadians at a disadvantage when it comes to defending their homes from these kinds of predators. Then again, people like Trudeau probably think the polite thing to do is just open the doors and let them have what they want, including members of your family.

I’m more of the kind that says the polite thing is to shoot them in the face so your neighbors don’t have to deal with it.