Woman Shoots Three McDonald's Employees Over Closed Dining Room

All throughout the country, dining rooms are closed for most restaurants. Sure, a lot are doing takeout–including many that never did takeout before–but no one is eating in those dining rooms.


Even in places where the government hasn’t close the dining-in option, some restaurants have taken unilateral action to protect their employees and the public. While you don’t have to agree with it, they do have the right to do just that.

By now, most of us should be well aware of this fact.

It seems a woman in Oklahoma City was less than pleased by it, though.

Three McDonald’s employees in Oklahoma City suffered gunshot wounds when a customer opened fire because she was angry that the restaurant’s dining area was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, police said Thursday.

Gloricia Woody, 32, was in custody after the Wednesday night shooting on four counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, said police Capt. Larry Withrow.

It was not known if Woody has an attorney, Withrow said.

Woody entered the restaurant’s lobby and was told the dining room was closed for safety reasons, Withrow said.

“(Woody) was asked to leave but refused,” leading to a physical altercation between Woody and one employee,” according to Withrow.

“The suspect was forced out of the restaurant by employees. She reentered the restaurant with a handgun and fired approximately three rounds in the restaurant,” Withrow said.

One employee was shot in the arm, one suffered a shrapnel wound in the shoulder area and another employee was struck in the side by shrapnel. The employee who fought with Woody suffered a head injury during the altercation, police said.

Apparently, two of the employees were just 16-years-old while the others were 18.


Holy crap on a cracker, that’s weapons-grade derp right there.

By now, everyone should at least be used to dining rooms in restaurants not being open, but even if you’re not, who does that?

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski chalked it up to the stresses many people are feeling due to the lockdown but went on to add that violence is never justified. Of course, he had to get a dig in by saying, “especially gun violence,” even though that’s really rather irrelevant right now.

My guess is that Woody is at least somewhat unhinged and probably shouldn’t be out on her own anyway. Then again, she might not have been unhinged a couple of months ago.

We’re likely to see more outbursts like this in the coming weeks. While anti-gunners would like to chalk it up to guns, the truth of the matter is that humans–especially humans in the United States–aren’t wired to be cooped up like this for weeks and weeks on end. People are going to get wound up in ways they never would have before. That will manifest itself in violence in far too many cases. Stuff like this is only the beginning, I’m afraid.

Couple this with the downturn expected in the economy and we may have far more interesting times than any of us want.

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