Two Charged After Trying To Buy Guns Illegally

Do you know those memes about how pro-Second Amendment are you? They ask the question, which is then followed by something supposedly over-the-top like a tank parked in some dude’s garage or a guy getting something to drink with a rocket launcher on his back?


See, I look at those and think, “Still not quite where I am.”

However, we don’t live in a world where we can trot on down to the tank or artillery dealer and pick up a new cannon for the front lawn like we would buy a new lawnmower. We live in one where there are limits to what we can buy.

It seems a recent arrest dealt with a couple of guys who couldn’t live with that, and at least one of them had some attitudes that make it so I’m not sad to see him behind bars.

Two Bayside neighbors, one of whom allegedly expressed racist, sexist and anti-Semitic sentiments online, were arrested near a LaGuardia Airport hotel after allegedly purchasing several firearms with defaced serial numbers from two undercover FBI agents on Tuesday night, according to federal prosecutors.

Joseph Miner, 29, and Daniel Jou, 40, allegedly purchased several guns with obliterated serial numbers, including two military-grade assault rifles, from two undercover FBI agents in a hotel room near the airport on May 12, according to the federal complaint against the two men.

The duo was arrested promptly after leaving the hotel, according to federal prosecutors.

Miner and Jou were arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday afternoon.

“As alleged, after Joseph Miner praised extremist violence and expressed racist and anti-Semitic hatred on the internet, he and his co-defendant bought a collection of illegal firearms capable of inflicting mass bloodshed,” stated United States Attorney Richard Donoghue. “What the defendants did not know was that they were buying the guns from an undercover federal agent who had been investigating their plan to buy weapons that would be impossible to trace. This Office, together with our law enforcement partners, will continue to exercise extreme vigilance to protect our communities by preventing individuals from purchasing illegal weapons.”


Miner also apparently expressed interest in participating in a race war and wanted to “die a hero” while shooting police officers.

Yep. He sounds nice.

Seriously, people like this disturb me. Now, don’t get me wrong, his thinking should not constitute grounds for him being arrested. I’ve long held that if you’re not free to hold objectionable views, you’re not free at all.

However, it takes a particularly warped mind to hate other people because of skin tone or religion to the point that you’d actually want to kill them just for existing.

Based on what we’re being told, it sounds like Miner wasn’t just some guy trying to buy guns, but was a terrorist in the making. It sounds like it was just a matter of time before he shot up a black church or gunned down a police officer just to spark the race war he’s hoping for.

Of course, he could also be a troll who says a lot of crap to get a rise out of people and doesn’t really believe any of that. I’ve known folks who were like that, and while I can’t condone it, I don’t want them penalized for it either.

Either way, I suspect this could be an interesting case to watch.


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