Canadian MPs Angry Over Unilateral Gun Ban

Canadian MPs Angry Over Unilateral Gun Ban

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been viciously anti-gun ever since a controversial picture of him in “brownface” surfaced. What he did was something generally described as being blatantly racist, yet he got away with it because he launched immediately into an effort to ban assault weapons in Canada.

With that, his allies in the media were appeased, and all could progress like it always had.

Yet, despite that, he didn’t make much ground. He talked a big game, but he didn’t do anything. Then Nova Scotia happened, and Trudeau unilaterally banned a large number of firearms, none of which were legally obtained by the killer.

Now, some members of Parliament are taking issue with Trudeau’s move.

The gun ban has been met with criticism by gun owners and Conservative leaders because they say it targets legal gun owners.

“Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop dangerous criminals who obtain their guns illegally,” said Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer. “The reality is, the vast majority of gun crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Ottawa should be focussed on the smuggling of illegal weapons at the border and work on strengthening jail sentences for gun crimes.

Local members of parliament (MP) say their constituents are not happy with the gun ban Trudeau introduced and have been hearing about the negative impact this issue will have on their areas.

Yorkton−Melville MP Cathay Wagantall says her constituents are upset with the ban.

“On an emotional level they’re very upset,” said Wagantall. “I’ve fielded a great number of calls and emails already in regard to this. They’re very frustrated as the majority of them would be gun owners on some level and they just see this again as another infringement on their rights and freedoms to have their firearms.”

“I was just listening to an interview on the radio and there’s a lot of misinterpretations by people who don’t use firearms or understand the dynamics around the whole issue. Education is a big thing,” said Wagantall.

“The heart hurts when we see these terrible things take place and I totally resonate with how people feel about these crimes that do take place and how desperately you want something to take place that can stop it. Unfortunately this action on the part of the Liberal government will not do that.”

No, it won’t.

You see, only one of the four weapons used by the killer was obtained in Canada. That weapon was taken from the body of a slain member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. By definition, even that weapon was illegally obtained.

The other three were smuggled into Canada from the United States, another illegal act.

What kind of gun ban would stop someone from breaking the law by smuggling guns in the first place? Does anyone think the smugglers look at these laws and think, “Well, damn. I was going to smuggle in some AR-15s, but I guess I’ll have to just smuggle in some bolt-action rifles or something.” Are these people really that dense?

I shouldn’t keep asking how stupid some people can be because too many are taking it as a challenge, but still.

It’s good to see members of the legislature push back against Trudeau. Now, maybe, they can see about undoing this brand of stupidity so the law-abiding Canadians can stop being treated like criminals for a change.