Cornyn Clears The Record On Ghost Guns

Last week, we reported on the “ghost gun” legislation being pushed anti-gun senators in Congress. The measure is insane and, really, completely unworkable. That’s kind of what we expect out of people like Sen. Dick Blumenthal, though.


However, in the story, there was a bit that bothered me.

You see, Politico quoted Texas Sen. John Cornyn in such a way that it sounded like he supported the measure. Now, Cornyn has been quite the champion for gun rights in the Senate, so this came across as something of a betrayal to those principles.

Luckily, that might not be completely accurate.

Politico quoted Sen. Cornyn in a way that gave readers the impression that he also supported the advocacy. They reported that Cornyn “might be open to background checks for gun-kit purchases” based on Cornyn saying, “I guess you can look at it that you’re buying an assembled gun or an unassembled gun. To me, the same standard makes sense.”

Breitbart News contacted Sen. Cornyn’s office to ask about the statement, and his office made clear that Cornyn opposes Democrats’ pressure for more gun control. He supports the laws as they are, differentiating between kits with 100 percent complete parts–included receivers–and kits containing parts that are only 80 percent complete.

In other words, the “same standard” means the status quo on this.

That’s good to know because the Politico piece had me concerned. As noted before, Cornyn has been a champion for gun rights in Congress and the idea of that slipping is troubling.


As I wrote last week:

But, then again, Sen. John Cornyn is quoted as saying he may not bother to oppose this proposal. For him, he argued that it’s buying an assembled gun or an unassembled one, but that’s not a fair standard. A truly unassembled gun would have you buying a completed receiver. Those still require background checks.

Well, he didn’t actually say that, so my mistake. It seems he and I are kind of on the same page on this issue, which is quite the relief.

Unfortunately, the question remains just how many others do agree with Blumenthal and company? Just how many people are going to side with Captain Stolen Valor to infringe on our basic civil liberties? It’s probably safe to say that every Democrat in the Senate will.

It’s almost like Blumenthal is doing his level best to rally the gun rights activists to make sure they turn out in November to make sure not a single Democrat holds power when it’s all said and done. If there’s a red wave as some people expect, I think Blumenthal may well deserve at least some of the credit.

The truth is that we now have millions more gun owners today than we did just a few months ago. Legions have swarmed gun stores in an effort to buy guns, guns they can’t get because of a combination of high demand and current gun control laws; laws they were told were so loose anyone could get a gun over the internet.


Now, a lot of people are starting to question whether or not anything else they were told about gun control laws is accurate. I suspect we’ll see the impact of this come November as Democrats continue pushing gun control like we’re still in the immediate aftermath of Parkland. They’re going to be sorely disappointed in that regard.

Also disappointed will be Captain Stolen Valor and his “ghost gun” ban. I’m just glad to see Cornyn is opposing this like I figured he would have.

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