Anti-Gunners Pressure Subway To Ban Open-Carry In Stores

Anti-gun jihadists like to try and apply pressure to any business that doesn’t completely and totally toe the line. They figure out long ago that they’ll never completely win in this country. They’ll never be able to ban guns. Some states, at a minimum, will resist that to the end. Hell, the Heller decision alone makes their dreams impossible, which is why they hate it so vehemently.

However, they figure that by applying pressure to businesses to conform to their policies, they can create a nation where it’s virtually impossible to bear arms to any real degree, thus amounting to the same thing.

Businesses typically fear backlash, so they’re far more likely to capitulate than politicians.

Which is probably what they’re banking on by trying to pressure Subway.

Anti-gun violence advocates penned an open letter Monday to Subway’s CEO John Chidsey, urging him to do more to keep customers safe from the threat of gun violence. The request comes after nearly a dozen mostly-armed demonstrators protesting North Carolina’s stay-at-home order purchased sandwiches at a Subway in Raleigh on May 9.

“We are certain that public safety is a key concern for you and your managers. Many prominent American businesses, including Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Wegmans, and others, have established clear policies that ask individuals to leave their guns at home,” the letter to Subway’s CEO reads. “And Subway, a company headquartered in Connecticut, that prides itself on ‘provid[ing] workers with a safe and healthy work environment’ and publicly proclaims that, ‘We are committed to supporting our community, being responsible partners, and giving back,’ must follow suit.”

The recent images of armed demonstrators ordering food from Subway were taken by Travis Long, a photojournalist with The News & Observer. Since posting the photos to Twitter, they have been shared nearly 8,000 times and liked by more than 22,000 people.

Of course, notice how the story is now about guns and not the stay-at-home order? Funny how that shakes out, isn’t it?

Anyway, back to Subway, the letter was signed by 153 people who claim their lives were negatively impacted in some way by gun violence. As if that somehow makes them experts on the subject.

The whole thing is an attempt to pressure Subway into complying with the wishes laid out by Newtown Action Alliance, obviously.

However, it should be noted that absolutely nothing happened in that North Carolina Subway. While I’d have rather they didn’t bring guns with them, the truth is that they should damn well have the right to do so. Especially since, again, no one was hurt.

In fact, no one gets hurt at these armed protests. Funny how that is, right? I mean, if guns supposedly cause so many problems just because they’re present, then how come it just doesn’t happen. About the only example you could stretch to include is the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, but she was hit by a car. She wasn’t shot.

Yet the Newtown Action Alliance would rather you not think about that fact. They’d rather fearmonger and pressure Subway to ban guns in their stores. Nevermind that these are franchises and that makes the decision really up to the franchise holder.

Then again, it’s not like gun grabbers actually grasp these concepts.