Fearmongering Over Armed Protestors Ignores Violence By Antifa

I’m not a huge fan of people carrying guns at non-Second Amendment protests. My personal opinion is that it gives the media an excuse to not focus on the arguments being made and instead focus on the presence of firearms.

That said, not everyone agrees with me on that and I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine is how the media focuses on these folks while consistently ignoring a group of “protestors” who are actually violent, and that’s Antifa.

Take this article painting activists as violent extremists:

The U.S. government has the official public policy of never negotiating with terrorists, paying them ransom or otherwise surrendering to their demands. The logic is simple: to give in to terrorists is to encourage more violence and other attacks.

It would appear that the state of Michigan does not follow the same policy.

Last Thursday, the Michigan state legislature announced it would not convene because of threats of violence and chaos by armed right-wing militias and other paramilitaries, as previously seen during the recent anti-lockdown protests.

In what could be construed as an act of treason, President Trump recently ordered such paramilitary groups and right-wing thugs to take up arms and to threaten Democratic-led state governments such as Michigan’s in order to force them to “reopen” their state. Such behavior is part of a broader pattern of right-wing terrorism and violence in the United States where armed militias and paramilitaries have allied with the Republican Party in its effort to delegitimize and undermine democracy. Such an alliance is common to failing democracies and rising fascist movements. The example offered by the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler in the 1930s is perhaps the most ominous.

Well…someone’s unhinged.

At least they managed to hit all the points on the “You’re a Nazi” Bingo card, so they’ve got that working for them.

Yet, despite all this, those armed protestors haven’t engaged in the least bit of violence. They haven’t hurt a soul. Oh, sure, a few snowflakes have gone on about how they felt threatened and that this is really violence because they’re so pathetic they allow others to control how they feel, but that’s not actually violence.

On the flipside, Antifa has assaulted dozens of folks and caused millions in property damage over recent years. From trying to burn down UC Berkely because Milo Yiannapolis was coming to town to the numerous riots since then.

While the right may talk about the boogaloo and how they’re ready for it, few are actually looking forward to it. Most recognize that now isn’t the time for a civil war, even without a pandemic still burning throughout the nation. They’re not interested in causing all the hardships that such an action would trigger.

But they’re ready for it.

Antifa, though, is already committing violence. In their mind, they’re already engaging in a boogaloo of sorts, though they don’t call it that. Sure, it’s low-level violence, relatively speaking, but what happens when they don’t get their way? Do you really think they’ll just slink away with a shrug and say, “Well, we did the best we could” and call it a day? Of course not.

Yet they don’t get the mentions. The mainstream media doesn’t pen so-called “think pieces” on how Antifa represents a clear and present danger to the republic.

You won’t see that because Antifa members are their kind of extremists.

Meanwhile, they’ll label anyone who shows up with a gun at a protest as an extremist even if they never harm a soul.

It’s important to remember that the media isn’t your friend, so don’t expect fair treatment from them. This should illustrate that fact perfectly.