Nova Scotia Killer Revealed To Be 'Paranoid' And 'Psychotic'

If you listen to the mainstream media, it’s only a complete miracle that the only real mass shooting during this pandemic didn’t take place on American soil. I mean, we’re all so violent that mass shootings are only moments from happening all the time or something.

However, a mass shooting did happen…in Canada.

And, as per usual, it was awful. I mean, how can so many innocent lives be snuffed out and it not be awful?

Now, police have put together some information about the killer, and it sounds like he wasn’t a stable person, to begin with.

Before engaging in a horrific killing spree, [the killer] was “paranoid about the pandemic” that shuttered his denture clinics, a friend told police. Yet four days before his rampage, he sent an email to another friend saying: “I am enjoying this prelude to retirement.”

A series of odd and often disturbing interactions with the perpetrator of the worst mass killing in Canada’s history are revealed in a new police document about the ongoing investigation, released Tuesday.

The 40-pages, although heavily redacted of details, paints a dark picture of the horror faced by his victims, the gunman’s apparent mental state, alarming predilections and ready arsenal.

A colleague who worked with [him], 51, at one of his denture clinics said he suffered “a mental breakdown,” the document says. The colleague said Wortman was abusive and described him as “disturbed,” “very smart,” “a psychopath,” and claimed he was “severely abused as a young boy,” a contention some who knew him dispute.

He “would dress up as a police officer and would role play,” the witness told police.

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be too troubling, except for the nature of his killing spree. After all, he dressed up as a police officer and went on to slaughter innocents. Was this, in his mind, just another form of role play?

Another friend said [the killer], who previously worked at a funeral home, talked about “getting rid of bodies.” The witness said Wortman claimed to have lime and muriatic acid — substances which could dissolve bodies. He kept barrels of the stuff under his deck, police were told.

Now, the question is, did he say it seriously or as an attempt at dark humor. My guess is that most people assumed the latter, as I probably would have. The problem is, we now have reason to see this as particularly disturbing in light of his later actions.

Then again, keeping the muriatic acid under his desk is creepy no matter how you look at it.

An acquaintance described him to police as “a sociopath, abusive.” Yet another said he was “controlling and paranoid.”

A friend, however, described him as “a person that people enjoy talking to,” the document says.

In other words, he apparently showed different faces to different people depending on the situation. He was probably nicer to those he considered friends but treated others like crap. Who knows?

What we can tell from this is that, like American mass shooters, people who do these things tend to be disturbed well before their shootings. It’s possible that the pandemic lockdown was just too much for the killer to handle, but it’s also possible that it had no bearing on the matter. He wasn’t mentally well long before this happened.

And bear in mind that Canada has a single-payer healthcare system, so no one can chalk this up to an inability to pay for mental health treatment. There may be other reasons he wasn’t treated for what now seems clear to all of us. It sounds like it was clear enough back then, yet no treatment was given.

Because of that, how many Canadians are faced with losing their property because Trudeau had to kneejerk? How many people will face losing their life because the best tool for defending that life was banned by a guy still trying to deflect attention away from his brownface cosplaying?

Especially when the real problem was, as usual, a disturbed man who wanted to kill.