AL Bust Following Shooting Investigation Finds Stolen Guns

Alabama is a fairly free state when it comes to guns. As a native Georgian, I poke a lot of fun at the state to the immediate west of us (seriously, I’ve got a ton of jokes about the state), but they’re generally very good when it comes to guns.


So anti-gunners probably feel a bit of a tingle down their legs when they hear of a shooting in Alabama. After all, in their minds, that’s going to happen in any state without mountains of gun control legislation.

Yet, those folks are likely going to be disappointed in the facts surrounding the arrest of a suspect in such a shooting that took place this past Friday.

Police have made an arrest in one of those shootings, which sent an innocent bystander to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Police shared a picture Tuesday of half a dozen weapons they had rounded up, including two AR-15 style pistols that they said Kaila King, 22, used to shoot at the car on Vine Street. The person in the car wasn’t seriously injured, police said. King was charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Police said they are trying to determine whether any of the guns they have collected as evidence were used in either shooting. At least one was reported stolen, they said.

A stolen gun? OH NOES!!!!

I bet he didn’t even fill out a Form 4473 before he obtained it, too. The MONSTER!


When anti-gunners go on their tirades about how legal gun sales fuel crime, what they’re really trying to do is hold us responsible for what criminals who steal our property do with it afterward.

While police are only commenting that at least one of the guns was stolen, it’s likely that most of the others are as well, if not all of them. People who buy stolen guns have a tendency to not buy firearms legally. That’s especially true if they steal them themselves.

The only way to prevent guns from being stolen is to make guns disappear completely. We’d have to uninvent them somehow.

That’s it. That’s literally the only way you can stop criminals from getting guns.

No amount of regulation will successfully keep guns out of the hands of bad people. All you’ll do is make it harder for the law-abiding. The thing is, with the law-abiding citizen, you can give them a rocket launcher and they won’t hurt a fly with it, but a dangerous felon can kill with his bare hands. There’s no point in punishing citizens for the actions of the lawless.


Time and time again, we’ve seen numerous cases of convicted felons and other breeds of criminals showing up with guns they legally couldn’t possess. We will continue to see it because we keep seeing it in places like England who has every advantage when it comes to stopping gun trafficking. Even they can’t stop the flow, so why does anyone think we will?

It’s that fact alone that should make people stand up and recognize that gun control is nothing but an abysmal waste of time. The good people of this country have a natural, God-given right to defend their lives. That means they have the God-given right to keep and bear any weapon they feel the need to use in order to defend themselves.

Especially when we know the bad guys keep getting guns.

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