Recent Fines Suggest Michigan WANTS Guns At Protests

We here at Bearing Arms aren’t big fans of people carrying guns to protest lockdown orders. I get people being angry and all that, I just think it’s a poor strategic move because it makes it easier for the media to dismiss the protestors. Rather than talk about the protest itself, it’s all about the guns. It allows politicians to portray themselves as the victims of bullying and intimidation attempts.


That’s what we saw in Michigan, after all.

However, it seems one group of people besides the protestors who disagree. It seems this entity actually wants armed protestors. I’m speaking, oddly enough, of the state of Michigan.

After all, this is what they did when protestors didn’t have guns.

onservative protestors gathered outside Michigan’s Capitol building in Lansing on Wednesday to stage haircuts in defiance of state lockdown restrictions intended to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has riled many conservatives by continuing to maintain restrictions that prevent nonessential businesses like barbershops and salons from lawfully operating as the virus continues to spread. Protesters in the “Operation Haircut” demonstration, organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, openly flouted the restrictions on Wednesday by offering free haircuts.

Some demonstrators giving the haircuts were issued with $500 disorderly conduct tickets, according to WJBK.

So, they fine the people cutting hair, but just complain a bit about the guys with guns?


Now, don’t get me wrong. I know those guys with guns weren’t going to hurt a damn soul. I know they were carrying them for benign purposes and no one was actually in any danger, no matter what the melting snowflakes in the legislature might claim.

Of course, no one was really in danger with the haircuts, either.

The event’s organizers posted “rules” for the protest to social media before the event, including suggestions that stylists bring and use personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintain “social distancing” during the haircuts. It is unclear how haircuts can be conducted under social distancing guidelines, which requires six feet of distance between people.

In other words, they were taking all reasonable precautions and engage in haircuts as a form of civil disobedience. For that, they were fined.

Which, I guess, is fine. Civil disobedience often results in people being arrested or fined, which makes the state all the more important. However, for a state that made such a big deal out of people lawfully carrying firearms, you’d think they’d be a bit more understanding of a protest that engages in an activity that couldn’t be construed as a threat to lawmakers.


The fact that these protestors were fined suggests to me the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Michigan prefers their protestors armed and angry. That shouldn’t be shocking since Michigan Democrats were able to shape that event into victimhood points for them and their side. They’re likely resentful they couldn’t make the case that they were further endangered.

And, really, it’s kind of glorious, if you ask me.

Keep it up and really turn the heat on the bastards.

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