The Real Costs Of Trudeau's Gun Ban

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared war on the dreaded “assault weapon” in the aftermath of his brownface scandal.  Following the shooting in Nova Scotia, he finally had the opportunity he needed to make good on the deal he’d made with the media. They ignored the racially-insensitive ramifications of his actions and he’d get rid of the evil assault rifles.


One of the problems with his move–one of many problems, I should add–is that it places a potentially lethal burden on gun stores.

As of May 1, the newly prohibited firearms cannot be legally used, sold or imported. Gun owners have two years to comply with the new rules.

The government also said it would create a buy-back program for the roughly 100,000 weapons now covered by the ban.

Malin has $20,000 worth of newly prohibited weapons in stock that can no longer be sold.

“I don’t think it’s going to kill our business, but it’s definitely going to hurt it in the long run,” he said.

While the government says it will roll out a buy-back program, dealers and gun owners have no details about the plan. There is plenty of skepticism that gun owners will get near the value of their weapons.

One would expect that it would include the gun stores that may or may not be eligible for the buyback (Let’s all just insert here how it’s not really a buyback anyway since the Canadian government never owned them in the first place here).

While Malin says he thinks he can weather this, how many gun stores can’t? How many are sitting there with unsold and unsellable merchandise? Guns are big-ticket items, but they’re typically pretty low margin. Yet they’re expensive to buy from the distributor, and without the means to recoup that loss, some gun stores are likely to be screwed.

Had Trudeau made the law effective after a given date and included a grandfather clause, these stores could have sold their existing inventory and adjusted to the new reality.


So why didn’t he do that?

My take is that Trudeau was too stupid to think about that, too callous to care, or this is precisely what he wanted. None of those three paint a particularly flattering image of the Canadian prime minister, though.

I’m leaning more toward it being what he wanted. By running gun stores out of business, he makes it harder for people to buy guns. In his little pea-sized gun-grabber brain, if they can’t buy guns, then bad guys can’t get them. Of course, the Nova Scotia shooter didn’t obtain any of his guns legally, even killing a police officer and taking her gun, but why let facts get in the way of a good gun grab, am I right?

Regardless of what drove him, law-abiding Canadian gun stores will ultimately pay the price for Trudeau’s tantrum, something that should never be allowed.

It damn sure shouldn’t be allowed here within our borders.

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