Canadian Gun Instructor: Knife Ban Would Make More Sense

Canadian Gun Instructor: Knife Ban Would Make More Sense

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still patting himself on the back for delivering on his promise to ban AR-15s in Canada, a promise issued in an effort to deflect criticism following the wake of a photograph surfacing showing him in brownface. Things like that are frowned upon and impossible to make up for…unless you’re liberal and you declare a jihad on people’s gun rights.


Unfortunately for Canadians, they don’t have the protections we Americans do, and Trudeau used the bodies of the slain in Nova Scotia as a soapbox from which to declare and end to the AR-15 in Canada.

Nevermind that the weapons were illegally obtained–something we American gun rights activists have been warning about for decades–all that mattered was that he finally had his chance.

There has been some backlash over the move, though.

Now, a firearm instructor from Canada argues that if saving lives is the goal, wouldn’t knife control make more sense?

It would make more sense for the Liberal government to bring in knife control than gun control, says a Saskatchewan firearms instructor.

North Battleford resident Gordon Dykstra – who teaches the federal non-restricted and restricted firearms courses – slammed the Trudeau government’s gun ban saying knives are used more often than guns in homicides.

“It would be more logical for the Liberals to have knife control where every man, woman and child would have to take an eight-hour course, pass a practical and written test (80 per cent), then buy a license to be permitted to handle and buy knives,” said Dykstra, but added, “This would be as stupid as gun control.”

According to Statistics Canada, when a weapon is used in a violent crime, a knife is the most common choice.


That may be true, but it might not be a great idea to say that out loud. I mean, Canada is still part of the British Empire, after all. Though independent in pretty much every way that matters, it wouldn’t be surprising for Trudeau to look to England and think, “You know, the man makes a point. Let’s pass knife control too!”

Honestly, we joked about it when England started their gun control ban, and then it happened.

Now, you have people in England pushing to ban points on knives because they don’t think you actually need that on a knife anymore.

Of course, as is obvious, Dykstra isn’t seriously suggesting the idea. The problem is that the people who think that

Dykstra continued, however:

In addition, Dykstra said the Liberal gun ban – brought in May 1, 2020, and immediately banned about 1,500 rifles – politicizes last month’s mass shooting in Nova Scotia where former denturist Gabriel Wortman went on a rampage murdering 22 people. The Nova Scotia gunman didn’t have a firearms license and his weapons were obtained illegally. The RCMP have said that three of the four semi-automatic weapons that Wortman used are believed to have come from the United States.“

As usual, the Liberals are using a tragedy to fulfill their political agenda against guns.”


He’s not wrong here. Not in the least.

Trudeau reacted to a tragedy in a way that would be vilified by the media if he were doing anything but banning guns.

But, the media doesn’t care. They’re more than willing to let him get away with this kind of grandstanding simply because it’s beneficial to their own progressive ideas, and that’s pathetic.


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