What The Hill's List Of Senate Seats That Might Flip Means For Guns

Right now, there hasn’t been nearly as much election coverage as one might expect in the lead up to a presidential election year. That’s because COVID-19 has killed a lot of campaigning efforts, particularly the more spontaneous moments that tell you what a candidate might really think on various issues, such as guns and gun control.

However, campaigns do actually continue, and as it stands right now, there are some incumbents who are fighting for their political life.

Over at The Hill, they took a look and listed the 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in November.

I’m not about to list them because, well, then I’d have to lift the entire article. However, the important takeaway is that they list eight Republicans and two Democrats who are among those most likely to find themselves out of office. Yes, it could be wishful thinking on their part, but it’s safer from our perspective to assume they have at least some kind of a valid point.

Now, one of those seats (Kansas) is actually an open seat, so there’s no incumbent to defend. Another two are incumbents by appointment, such as Arizona’s Martha McSally and Georgia’s Kelly Loeffler. McSally took office following the death of Sen. John McCain and Loeffler was appointed to finish out the term of retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson.

The problem is that Republicans only hold a three-seat edge over the Democrats. While the Dems only have 45 seats, the two independents in the chamber caucus with the Democrats.

As such, just four seats flipping could have significant ramifications on the Second Amendment.

First, let’s assume a scenario where Democrats just take the Senate, but lose the House and fail to take the White House. What could possibly happen then?

Well, to start with, let’s remember the role federal judges play in defending the Second Amendment. More importantly, remember the role federal judges have had in systematically dismantling the protections our Founding Fathers intended. Yet every federal judge has to go through the confirmation process. A Democrat-controlled Senate would be able to successfully block judges who would help restore our rights and even potentially force President Trump to appoint judges who would back further encroachment.

It’s not just that, either. As it stands, the ATF is without a director. That’s a position that also has to go through a confirmation process. Unless one is appointed and confirmed prior to any flip, a Democrat-controlled Senate would be responsible for confirming anyone to the office responsible for many of our firearm regulations.

Do you really want the Democrats having that much power?

And remember, that’s with them only having one chamber. If they have the House, they can continue to try and hammer through gun control even more forcefully than they have been. They can continue to try and cram their dream list of infringements down our throats and we would be powerless legislatively to do much of anything.

If they have the White House as well, it’s game over.

Yet with just the Senate, Democrats can cause serious repercussions on our Second Amendment rights. The takeaway from his, though is quite simple. Basically, get out there and fight to not just hold ground, but take more of it. With the Senate, our gun rights have been preserved in the wake of an unprecedented assault by Nancy Pelosi and her fellow travelers.

Without it, we’ll likely find ourselves screwed. It’s up to you to not let that happen.