Madonna: No One Should Have Guns, Even Cops

Madonna: No One Should Have Guns, Even Cops

Once upon a time, Madonna was the hottest thing in the world. Her music was pretty much guaranteed to hit the top spots on the charts and she knew how to work controversy to boost sales. She was pretty damn good at it. Anyone else remember her “book?”

But in recent years, her hot takes have been more the stuff worthy of ridicule than much of anything else, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Her in the bathtub just isn’t the same as I thought it would be back in the 1980s, let me tell ya.

It’s almost like she forgot how to use controversy to sell music.

That’s not stopping her from saying stupid stuff, though.

“This has to stop!! Until we can over come Racism in America— no one should be allowed to carry a gun. Most of all cops,” the pop diva writes in an Instagram post.

Of course, does she have a point? Should anyone have guns? Even cops? (We already know the answer to this, but let’s play along for a moment.)

Well, not every department in the country has armed police. I know, I was shocked…until I read about this particular story. That’s right, unarmed police had to get saved by an armed citizen, all because the local officials didn’t want to deal with the hassles of having armed officers.

From this, we can see that unarmed police aren’t exactly ideal.

“Oh, but that’s only because bad people can get guns. If we had British style gun control, it would be fine,” someone might say. Well, how about the time that unarmed police weren’t able to stop a knife-wielding maniac and a dude had to face him with a narwhal tusk?

So no, unarmed police isn’t an ideal outcome. And no, that’s not overly shocking.

Do you want to know what else isn’t shocking? Madonna’s hypocrisy.

You see, the singer is known to routinely enjoy armed security, a fact that came in pretty handy once upon a time.

Back in 1996, a man tried to gain entrance into Madonna’s home. He was met with armed security who ended up shooting the suspect. Now, we can’t be certain the man was an actual threat to Madonna, but I doubt he’d be a charming houseguest the singer would be delighted to have stay with her either.

Where were her complaints then?

More than likely, though, what she means is that peasants like us don’t deserve armed protection. It’s bad enough that she wants to disarm you and me, but to use the George Floyd situation to call for the disarming of police officers? That’s downright unhinged. If anything, the Floyd issue illustrates how easily you can kill someone without a firearm, especially coming from a position of authority.

She also fails to suggest how we disarm the legions of armed criminals who would have a field day in a country where no good guys at all have firearms. It’s bad enough where your average citizen can’t carry weapons, but to also keep guns away from police? What deterrent is there, then?

Look, no one should get their political takes from celebrities. Just because they have some degree of talent in one area of their lives doesn’t mean they have anything meaningful to contribute anywhere else.

Yet that won’t stop people like Madonna from spouting off about things they know nothing about. Frankly, they have that right.

Just like we have the right to point, laugh, and never buy their music again.