Gun Owners Like This Aren't Helping Things

Gun Owners Like This Aren't Helping Things

Being a gun owner is a responsibility, one that far too many don’t take seriously. However, even those guys aren’t risking anyone else.

With riots in pretty much every major city, it seems, a lot of gun owners are keeping their firearms very, very handy. After all, people are getting hurt or even killed. This isn’t good and no one knows when any of this is going to stop.

However, despite the anxiety many are feeling, this is not how you handle things.

Jonesboro Police have released the name of the suspect who they say pulled a gun in a threatening manner during Sunday’s ‘Jonesboro March for Justice.

In a Facebook post, Jonesboro Police say John Bosze, 32, got out of his black SUV and showed a firearm towards the crowd of protesters, then proceeded to get back in the vehicle and leave the scene.

According to the police report, Bosze’s SUV got into the middle of the crowd and a protestor struck his SUV with an unknown object.

The report states that’s when Bosze got out of his SUV, displayed the gun to the crowd, and then left the scene.

I get that Bosze was probably scared. I mean, being in the middle of a crowd and hearing something hit your car would set off my own anxiety levels to a point that the International Space Station could study them with the naked eye. I get it.

The problem is, that’s not likely to be enough to be considered a threat legally.

Further, since Bosze felt secure enough to exit the vehicle, it suggests that he wasn’t nearly as scared as he might like for people to believe. After all, if you’re scared, why leave the relative protection of your vehicle? Sure, keep your weapon handy in case you get swarmed and the window break or something. Then you might need to defend yourself.

But this?

No, this isn’t the kind of action that will soothe tensions. Instead, it’s likely to inflame them. Bosze, who is white, will likely be held up by those he threatened–and rest assured, displaying that firearm like that was a clear threat–as somehow proof that white people are racist and just looking to shoot people.

Right now, people are angry enough as it is. There’s no reason to pour gasoline on that dumpster fire, which is precisely what flashing a gun at a moment like that is.

Look, it’s vital right now that we all play it smart. Stay away from places where protests are going on. Maintain good intelligence about what’s going on in your city so you know where to go and how to avoid it. If you end up there, do everything in your power to get out without making the situation worse.

But don’t get anyone any ammunition to use against us. Don’t use any degree of force unless you have to. This is not the time for that kind of thing. We’re sitting on the proverbial powder keg and I worry it’s only a matter of time before someone sets the whole thing off.