Media Latches On To Denver Gun Activists Arrest, Glosses Over Riots

There is an awful lot going on right now.

I know, I know. I’m not exactly breaking news here. Anyone not living under a rock knows that there’s a lot going on. Riots in so many cities it’s difficult to keep track of, a pandemic that I guess is still a thing, and plenty of other things going on. It wasn’t that long ago that protests to reopen states were extremist, and now burning buildings and looting businesses is just good clean fun or something.


However, imagine my surprise to see a number of hard leftist outlets–as opposed to the softer leftism of the mainstream media–latch onto a story about a pro-gun activist being arrested.

During a vehicle search near the downtown Denver protest on Friday evening, police officers seized several military-style assault rifles from anti-government gun enthusiasts who call themselves “Boogaloo Bois.”

Most peaceful protesters had left downtown Denver by the time police searched a car that had been occupied by a group of young men, one of whom was wearing a military-style vest.

They found several semi-automatic assault rifles, numerous magazines and other weapons in the trunk.

Chevy McGee, a 20-year-old anti-government gun enthusiast who lives in Fort Collins, claims to own some of the weapons.

In a May 30 Facebook post, McGee shared the same image, writing, “Shout out to Denver PD for stealing our shit last night. None of this left the trunk of our car, and they said they had reasonable suspicion because someone called that’s why they searched it. They cuffed us and let us go after 30 minutes.”

McGee also alleges in the Facebook protest that the officers told him someone called the police after seeing one of his group wearing a military-style plate-carrier vest, which allows the wearer to add ballistic protection. McGee states that neither he nor his associates open-carried their rifles.

“Open carry is illegal in Denver and we did not have enough guys to open carry so I don’t wanna hear it,” wrote McGee on Facebook.


In other words, there’s no evidence that either actually did anything wrong. An associate of McGee’s was arrested recently for making pipe bombs, but McGee himself wasn’t charged with anything.

Of course, for folks like Wonkette, that’s more than enough. I’m not going to quote it, because, well, the stupid might be contagious, but I’ll link it here in case you feel up for it.

As for McGee, some might ask why he might feel that kind of firepower was necessary at a protest.

Hmmmm….can’t imagine why.

The City and County of Denver said Monday afternoon that 170 people were arrested in connection to Sunday’s riots.

In a statement, the City said charges vary but include the following:

  • Violation of curfew order
  • Assault
  • Criminal mischief
  • Assault to a police officer
  • Burglary
  • Arson

Over the past four days, a total of 284 people have been arrested in connection to the riots in and around downtown, which have generally taken place at night following peaceful protests during the daytime.

That’s would cover the appropriate timeframe in which McGee was heading into Denver.

Look, I know that his association with a potential bomber doesn’t look good, but we don’t convict people of crimes purely on association with other people. Many of us have known some degree of criminal in our past, yet we’re not accountable for that sort of thing.


But we can look at what was happening in Denver and figure out why McGee likely went. Violence has been tearing the country apart for days now. Some are using their guns to defend businesses. Some are digging in for civil war as violent “protests” continue unabated.

Yet it’s amusing that so many out there are holding up riots and rioters are good and just, they’re ready to eviscerate this man for breaking zero laws. Funny how that shakes out, isn’t it?

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