Those Telling Police To Stand Down? They Also Want Your Guns

For a week, police departments all over the country were under siege as rioters took over their communities. In some places, the police did their best to control the situation. In some places, they also made it worse, but in others, they tried to protect life and property.

Yet in others, they were told to stand down by local officials. Those officials wanted the “protests” to continue without police involvement, a decision that likely led to millions of dollars in damage and an untold number of livelihoods destroyed as well

However, there’s something everyone should remember about those who advocated for the police standing down.

Minneapolis and other major cities have finally re-opened, at least to looters and arsonists. For three days, police in Minneapolis and St. Paul were ordered to stand down as rioters destroyed their cities. In New York City and Washington, D.C., on Monday night, police stood by as looters destroyed parts of those cities.

The same politicians who ordered police to stand down and released prison inmates are the same people who want to ban guns. These politicians prevent citizens from protecting themselves, at a time when police protection cannot be depended on.

For three days, police in Minneapolis and St. Paul were ordered to stand down as rioters destroyed their cities. Sadly, so many of the victims of this violence have been blacks. Black store owners have lost their businesses. In these heavily black areas, blacks will lose their jobs. Black shoppers worry they “have nowhere to go now.”

Across the country, police have had orders to stand down.

“Tonight, I watched Seattle burn. Seattle is dying, by fire, looting, weakness of the political leadership,” wrote Seattle KVI radio talk-show host Kirby Wilbur. “We watched on TV as our law enforcement stood by while vandalism, looting, assaults, pure chaos reigned in the streets of our downtown business district.”

Neither of these cities are conservative, pro-gun strongholds, now are they?

Minneapolis hasn’t had a Republican as mayor since 1973, and even then, that Republican only served a single day in the office, finishing the term of his predecessor who was already on his way out. Before then, you have to go back to 1957 to find one.

Seattle is a bit trickier to determine only because their elections are non-partisan. However, the current mayor, Jenny Durkan, was nominated by Barack Obama to become U.S Attorney for the Western District of Washington which tells us plenty about her politics.

These aren’t pro-gun people, yet they told the police to stand down. The very people they say will protect you, the same people the cite as being the reason you don’t need a gun, are the very people they told not to interfere with lawlessness in their cities.

It’s proof that they don’t believe the anti-gun stuff that comes out of their head. They don’t support you defending yourself, but they’ll hamstring the people they say will protect you.

Whenever someone tells you that you don’t need a gun, that the police will protect you, remind them of how the police were told to stand down when thousands of Americans needed them the most. Remind them and see if they have a response.

Just don’t hold your breath.