Man Busted Bringing Gun To Kansas Protest

There are times when guns are probably appropriate at a protest. In particular, when you’re protesting against gun control measures. The firearm becomes a visual representation of the right, a reminder that not only to people oppose gun control but that they also have guns. Sure, it freaks some people out, but considering how violent some leftists have gotten at recent protests, that’s probably not a bad thing in and of itself.


While I wasn’t in favor of guns at protests calling for states’ economies to be opened back up, at least there was no violence taking place.

Yet, in recent “protests,” the protesters also had guns. The problem is that they used them to shoot people, killing several.

It looks like police in Kansas at least stopped one person who may have had similar intentions.

A Kansas man who initially was arrested after throwing water bottles at police officers during protests at the Country Club Plaza was charged in federal court today with illegally possessing a firearm, according to the United State’s Attorney’s office.

“Hijacking a peaceful protest by attacking police officers engaged in their duty to protect the public carries significant consequences in this district,” said U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison. “Illegally carrying a loaded handgun to a public demonstration multiplies those consequences with federal penalties. I have no tolerance for anyone who hides behind the lawful exercise of constitutional rights as cover for their criminal acts. We are working alongside our local law enforcement partners to protect the public and maintain order.”

Matthew E. Madden, 22, Kansas City, Kan., was charged in a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Missouri, with one count of being a drug user in possession of a firearm.

In other words, this wasn’t a law-abiding citizen who was lawfully carrying a firearm while he protested for what he perceived as injustices in the system.

While I may not agree with what people might be protesting, I support their right to peacefully protest. I also support their right to do it armed, even if I also disagree with the wisdom of doing so.


Madden doesn’t seem to have been doing that. A purported drug user, he can’t legally own a firearm. The fact that he was unlawfully carrying a gun to a protest suggests there’s a good likelihood that he intended to use that firearm for malicious purposes.

Oh, it’s possible that he figured there would be trouble and wanted to defend himself, but if you really expect trouble somewhere, you simply don’t go. That’s Self-Defense 101.

Yet, Madden was heading to a protest.

Again, it just seems likely he was more interested in starting trouble than ending it. As such, he’s not the first, nor will he be the last, I’m afraid. Far too many people are interested in protests becoming violent, and that’s a huge problem.

Luckily, Madden didn’t get the chance. Instead, he’ll likely spend some time in court, followed by a jail cell. Meanwhile, others can protest peacefully without worrying about this one person trying to stir up trouble.


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