Facebook Deletes Candidate's Warning To Antifa

The riots that have engulfed so much of our great nation are deeply problematic. After all, businesses already struggling after months of quarantine have since been burned to the ground, making it almost impossible for many business owners to recover. Communities with already limited choices for grocery stores are now food deserts, all in the name of social justice.


Yet some have figured the best way to stop the stupidity is to warn groups like Antifa that such violence will be met with force.

Unfortunately, political candidates who issue such warnings on social media may well have their warnings deleted.

Facebook deleted a campaign ad from a GOP candidate in Georgia because she was brandishing a gun in the political commercial.

Marjorie Greene is running in Georgia’s 14th District, and she already grabbed attention with a campaign ad where she warns Antifa to stay out of Georgia. In the ad, Greene is standing on the porch of a local business, and she is armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

“I have a message for Antifa terrorists,” Greene says. “Stay the hell out of Northwest Georgia.”

“You won’t burn our churches, loot our businesses or destroy our homes,” Greene tells Antifa.

Greene posted the campaign ad on Tuesday, but it was deleted by Facebook on Thursday. Facebook told Greene’s campaign that the ad was pulled because it violated the company’s policies against promoting the use of firearms.

Yes, because promoting self-defense is just so problematic.

That’s the problem with Facebook’s policy, though. They don’t know how to differentiate between promoting guns and promoting self-defense. As a private company, they can do as they wish, but they look downright idiotic at this point.

Greene’s warning did feature an AR-15, which is lawful, but that’s enough for the social media giant to feel the need to step in.

Rest assured, it had likely been reported a thousand times by her opponents.


However, Greene’s comments make perfect sense. It’s perfectly rational to tell a group known for promoting and agitating for riots to be careful in a given area because residents there aren’t interested in playing nicely with you if you pull that crap there. Greene was celebrated by many Georgians.

Yet there is an upside for Greene.

Sure, her ad was taken down by Facebook, but now some in the national media are writing about her and boosting her profile, giving her tons of free media that will allow her campaign to thrive even without the paid ad. Further, many will likely donate to her campaign as a show of support.

So, in a way, Facebook has just done Greene a huge favor by completely freaking out over the appearance of a firearm in her ad. The Streisand Effect is an actual thing, after all, and there’s no reason it can help promote a pro-gun voice for the Georgia General Assembly. In fact, it will, and will likely help her obtain even higher office if that’s what she wants to do.

Not that Facebook was trying to do her any favors, though. Still, I like to find the silver lining when possible.

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