Journalist Tim Pool Describes Headache Of Buying Gun In NJ

Independent journalist Tim Pool used to describe himself as being fairly liberal. He’s definitely not a hard-core conservative. The one-time Bernie Bro, however, has never really been liked by the left. He’s been accused of being part of the alt-right and who knows what else.


Still, Pool has soldiered through. He’s maintained his stances on things like free speech and many other issues. He’s someone I enjoy watching. His takes on the news are often enlightening, even if I don’t always agree with him on it.

However, Pool has also started to do something of interest to Bearing Arms readers. He tried to buy a gun.

Legally, of course. Unfortunately, for him, he lives in New Jersey.

Pool spoke with conservative talk show host Steven Crowder about his experiences.

In short, Tim had quite a time trying to get a gun. I mean, when the police tell you to go to a website that doesn’t even exist, it’s beyond ridiculous.

Like Tim, I believe this byzantine labyrinth was put in place to discourage firearm ownership. They can’t ban guns, but they figure can make it such a pain in the butt that no one will want to do it.

The problem is, we live in a world where people want guns. From COVID-19 to riots to whatever the hell is next, millions of Americans like Pool have determined that it’s in their best interest to have a firearm for protection. Especially with talk of defunding police departments.

New Jersey’s draconian laws get in the way of that. The attitude of the police Pool spoke with gets in the way of that.

The Second Amendment exists to prevent that kind of stuff, yet it’s been so hamstrung in New Jersey that it is barely hanging on there.

Now, in fairness, not everyone has the same experiences Pool describes. Different departments have different attitudes. Some departments are more than willing to help law-abiding citizens obtain firearms. They understand that armed citizens make everyone safer, but most especially themselves. They know they can’t swoop in to save the day, so they’re willing to help empower people to protect themselves.


The problem is, what Pool encountered is too common even if he were the only person to ever run into such a thing. He’s not, though.

New Jersey is a very anti-gun state, perhaps one of the most anti-gun there is. It’s not California, but not for lack of trying. All of those laws are meant to keep guns out of people’s hands.

Note that I didn’t say they’re to keep guns out of criminals’ hands? That’s because there’s this idea that if law-abiding citizens can’t get guns, criminals can’t get them either. So yeah, I think the runaround Pool got was intentional. I believe states like New Jersey want to discourage gun ownership through any means they can, and this is just what they opted to do in order to achieve that goal.

Luckily, Pool’s getting a gun anyway.

However, for the millions in the state who don’t have someone willing to send them one, remember what you encountered while trying to buy a gun come November.

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