Seattle Autonomous Zone Has First Case Police Brutality, Warlord

Antifa goons managed to take control of about six blocks of Seattle real estate. They’ve declared it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, as we wrote about yesterday.


As part of that process, the police pulled out of the area, leaving the area police station and leaving the neighborhood to the anarchists.

Of course, there’s been all kinds of hilarious issues within the CHAZ, such as the homeless they invited in having stolen all their food and ate it, leaving nothing for the CHAZ denizens to eat.

But, without any cops, there’s no police brutality, right?

You’d think, but you’d be wrong.

Earlier today Allahpundit wrote about the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) which was set up in Seattle after police retreated from a few square blocks. The denizens of this new experiment in police-free living were probably envisioning a utopia full of peace and community love. Instead they got a new self-appointed police force led by a rapper named Raz Simone.

Early this morning someone posted a video clip to Reddit which shows Simone and a group of people confronting a graffiti artist. Things escalate and eventually the tagger is assaulted by someone in the group and has his phone taken away. The video is about an hour long but here’s a summary created by someone in the Reddit thread:

tl;dw: Man was tagging over someone else’s art, Raz and group approach and separate him from crowd, chasing him for two blocks. He begins to film them with his phone, they take it from him. He tries to get it back and they attack him, kicking him in the head and breaking his glasses. At one point, Raz threatens to shoot the man. They then begin to gaslight him that it was all his fault. Audio only for most of the end, because woman in Raz’ crew filming puts the phone in her pocket while the stream continues.


So, just a couple of days into things and they already have a warlord.

That’s just…special.

Simone claims that everything god discussed and that all is well. He even claims the tagger’s father wants Simone to mentor him. God help that kid.

What happened, though, was predictable. When there’s no government, all it takes is someone strong enough to step in and take control. That person often becomes something of a warlord, like Raz Simone.

Oh, Simone can claim all was beautiful, but some of the highlights of the altercation included phrases like:

  • “We are the police of this community now!”
  • “We got to the point where addressing the point physically was the best way to get our point across.”
  • In response to the subject saying his glasses were broken during the assault, “Yeah, we should have broken your face!”
  • Don’t be making no threats n****, I’ll blow your brains out”

Of course, the “threat” wasn’t clear anywhere in the video. The transcriber believes it was in response to the tagger saying he wanted to leave within the next 15 minutes.

Sorry, not a threat, just a statement.

However, what we’re seeing here will continue within the CHAZ. In fact, it will likely get worse.

See, governments suck, but they exist because something will exist to govern a given group of people. Where people agree to select a leader, all is well, but when folks get in their head they don’t need one, someone will rise up, usually the strongest will step in and take control. Or, at least, someone who isn’t afraid to use violence to portray strength.


You know, someone like Raz Simone.

Either Simone will continue to enforce whatever rules he wants, or someone else will step in to try and stop him. Then, violence will follow. Either way, be glad you don’t live in that part of Seattle.

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