Authorities In Lubbock, TX Investigating 4 Gun Store Burglaries

If there’s one thing the anti-gun side should have in common with the pro-gun side, it’s that none of us like stolen guns. Firearms that are taken from lawful owners or gun stores represent a significant threat, primarily because they get into criminal hands, thus making everyone’s life more difficult. The thing is, since these guns get used in gun crimes, I’m fairly sure anti-gunners have some part of them that actually likes stolen guns.

If that’s true, then they ought to love what’s been happening in Lubbock, TX lately.

Lubbock Police and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are investigating a string of burglaries in Lubbock where guns were stolen from businesses. All of the burglaries have happened within a nine day period.

The ATF sent an email out to some residents saying a Federal firearms licensee in Lubbock County experienced a burglary that resulted in a theft of firearms. The email said “Please ensure the security of both your inventory and property and report all suspicious persons or activity to your local police department. Additionally, notify ATF at 888-930-9275 if you find any of your firearms missing, lost or stolen.”

The first burglary of a gun store happened on May 31, 2020 at LSG Tactical Arms located at 2650 34th Street. The police report says the burglary happened around 6 a.m. The owner saw a person from the video surveillance system inside the building. The suspects broke into the building and went through glass display cases. The police report says four suspects were seen leaving the business. It is unclear if any firearms were taken during this burglary.

A suspect was arrested in conjunction with the second break-in, but not in any of the other two.

None of the reports tell us how many firearms were stolen, but the potential numbers are rather high, as we’ve seen in past burglaries.

Unlike the recent thefts we’ve reported here, these do not appear to be tied to any civil unrest or rioting taking place. In a way, that’s good news since it’s unlikely these were taken by groups like Antifa looking to create armed insurrection or anything.

Not that the guns taken during looting necessarily went toward that kind of thing. That’s just my own speculation with no evidence to back it up. But with these, it’s even less likely.

Just to clarify.

Anyway, these guns represent a threat. Bad people stealing guns tend to provide those guns to other bad people. It’s why gun control never works. Bad people will always get guns. If they can’t buy them, they’ll steal them. Make it so they can’t steal them and they’ll find another way to acquire them. You’re not going to stop them.

Instead, we get situations like this.

If you have any information about this or any other gun store robbery, please notify the police. We all need to pull together to try and help get these guns off our streets. At the end of the day, that’s the best way to protect our gun rights.

May 23, 2022 12:30 PM ET