The Left Isn't Anti-Gun, They're Anti-You Having A Gun

Despite the onslaught of new gun buyers, some still want to push for more and more gun control. You’d think some would at least wait and see how the recent riots may have reshaped public opinion, but nope. They’re going to push forward.


Of course, a lot of new gun owners are actually part of the left. Maybe they think racist police are coming to their home at any minute or maybe they think something completely different. It doesn’t matter. It’s a big enough thing that many on the left are talking about how wanting a gun and gun control isn’t hypocritical.

Dana Loesch took a moment to speak with Dave Rubin recently, and she had some interesting comments we need to remember.

“A lot of people think they are anti-gun, but they’re really not. They are anti-you-having a gun,” Dana said.

“I always tell people, if you’re anti-gun, you shouldn’t believe in calling the police to come with their guns … you shouldn’t hire private security if you’re anti-gun … If we’re to have discussion about legitimate class warfare, I would think the idea that only people wealthy enough to hire private security to protect them, that’s incredibly classist.”

Precisely. The problem is never with them having guns. The problem is you having guns.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is famous for carrying a firearm while crusading for gun control. Actress Alyssa Milano has admitted to having a couple of firearms while also waging a personal jihad against gun rights. You can be damned sure plenty of others are in the same boat as well.


See, they trust themselves with guns. Why wouldn’t they? They know what their intentions are.

They also figure the armed security they hire can be trusted as well. They’re paid to be trustworthy, actually.

What they don’t trust is you. They don’t think you’ll have their best interests at heart. Considering the number of scumbags uncovered following the whole #MeToo thing, they probably have a good reason to believe the average American doesn’t have their best interests in mind on a day to day basis. We tend to like to defend ourselves from people like Harvey Weinstein, after all.

On a more serious note, though, these people really do want you disarmed while being free to have guns and carry them without a problem. They don’t see the disconnect. You see, in their minds, freedom doesn’t work that way. They deserve special attention because of who they are, meanwhile you don’t.

This isn’t an issue of liberty to them. They don’t believe in freedom, except for themselves.

At the end of the day, they don’t see a problem with gun control because they don’t see gun control really applying to them.

Which is hilarious, though, because the originators of gun control believed the same thing. They figured the rules would only apply to blacks while whites could do whatever they wanted because no sheriff would arrest a white man for carrying a gun. What these so-called elites want is little different, they’re just treating everyone who isn’t them like the racist whites treated African-Americans interested in owning and carrying firearms.


At the end of the day, you’d think a society ready to purge anything that might possibly stick of racism and slavery would also be quick to get rid of one of the more insidious bits of its legacy, but nope.

Instead, the elites want guns for themselves–either personally or outsourced to others to act on their behalf–and to deny you the right to defend yourself. They’re not anti-gun, they’re anti-you.

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