Truckers Push For National Reciprocity Amid Riots, Pandemic

Truck drivers have it pretty rough. While they were treated as heroes during the pandemic–and overused term that probably applied more to them than any athlete or actor–the truth is that they were often at risk. Even the most low-end load a trucker might be hauling is worth thousands of dollars at a minimum, more than enough to justify someone trying to jack their load.


I suppose a load of Ramen noodles is probably only about $18, but that would be the exception, not the rule.

Plus, couple that with truckers pulling into a warehouse late at night and having to spend the night in the cab as they want for operations to resume in the morning, and they’re sitting ducks for any manner of depraved criminals.

Now, though, it seems many drivers are pushing for national reciprocity to pass.

Truck drivers have started to become concerned about their safety – and the vulnerability of their cargo – throughout the coronavirus pandemic and recent protests, renewing calls among Second Amendment proponents to allow them to carry licensed firearms.

Due to these recent challenges, legislation introduced in 2019 by North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson, known as The Concealed Carry Act, is getting renewed attention from the industry.

The bill allows a qualified individual to lawfully carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate by Texas Republican John Cornyn.

“Truck drivers are the backbone of our economy and are facing increased pressures due to COVID-19 and social unrest,” Hudson said in a statement to FOX Business. “I am committed to supporting their safety and vital role in our economy.”


Honestly, it makes sense. After all, their commercial driver’s license is honored regardless of where it originated from, and driving isn’t even considered a right. Why shouldn’t carry permits from various states also be honored regardless of where they’re issued?

The only reasons you’re going to find are based on outright hysterics. Some argue that it will allow people who don’t meet a given state’s strict standards to carry based on another state’s requirements. However, if those lesser requirements were a problem, we’d see problems with concealed carriers turning into criminals on a regular basis in those states, and we don’t.

No, national reciprocity needs to happen and truck drivers are a prime example of just why it needs to happen.

Unfortunately, for it to happen, gun rights supporters need to hold the Senate and White House in November, as well as take the House back. Then, maybe, we can get some positive traction on this important issue.

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