Researcher Forced Out After Touting Study Finding Cops Aren't Racist

The left likes to call anyone to the right of them: “anti-science.” They say that because we don’t buy the hysteria on things like climate change and similar topics, of course, which is fine. They can call us whatever they like. After all, they’re going to do it anyway.

However, the truth is that they’re not as pro-science as they like to argue.

Take what happened to a Michigan State University researcher.

Michigan State University leaders have successfully pressured Stephen Hsu to resign from his position as vice president of research and innovation after the Graduate Employees Union launched a campaign to oust him from his role.

This came after the union, which represents teaching and research assistants, crawled through years of blog posts and interviews Hsu had conducted and criticized him for sharing content on genetic differences among different races.

But the main thrust to oust Hsu came because the professor touted Michigan State research that found police are not more likely to shoot African-Americans.

“The victory of the Twitter mob will likely have a chilling effect on academic freedom on campus,” Hsu told The College Fix via email.

Hsu will stay on as a physics professor as Michigan State, but his gig as vice president of research and innovation was gone because he touted the wrong research.

In particular, he held up research done by the university that found that police aren’t as racist as groups like Black Lives Matter like to pretend them to be.

More troubling, though, is that the union that called for Hsu’s head also thinks politics should determine what studies get promoted and which don’t.

The graduate union told The Fix that administrators should not share research that runs counter to public statements by the university.

“It is the union’s position that an administrator sharing such views is in opposition to MSU’s statements released supporting the protests and their root cause and aim,” Ackles wrote in an e-mail to The College Fix.

That’s right. It doesn’t matter if the study is factual or not. It doesn’t matter whether the methodology is sound or not. What matters is whether or not the studies support a given ideology or not.

And people wonder why so many gun folks aren’t crazy about taxpayer dollars being used for gun violence research. It’s a total mystery.

The truth of the matter is that Hsu’s promotion of that study is important and something we can’t overlook. Not because Hsu promoted it, but because the study exists.

If we’re going to figure out the problem with policing–and I’ll agree that there are problems that need to be addressed–then we need to address the actual problems, not the issues that exist in the minds of the outraged and nowhere else. If studies are finding that police don’t appear to be racially biased, then we need to look elsewhere.

We need to address the real issues, but it’s clear that he left won’t let us. They’ve determined the problem and damn you or anyone else who tries to look elsewhere for the issue.

The truth is that Hsu shouldn’t have been forced to resign from anything.

Or do only Black Lives Matter while Asian jobs don’t?