Facebook Deletes Hundreds Of Groups Over "Boogaloo" Meme

It’s funny. The left often thinks the reason there aren’t many conservative comedians is that people on the right just aren’t funny. Sure, there are a few who are genuinely funny who also share right-leaning politics, but not all that many, and the idea that it’s because people on the right aren’t funny may or may not explain why there are so few.


However, I’ll say one thing. We can at least take a freaking joke.

The left has been on for weeks about the “boogaloo.” Article after article has been published to tell their readers all about this troubling movement that either is expecting a war or is outright trying to start one. None of these writers have watched the “boogaloo” thing grow and spread. Instead, they’ve only heard about it recently and are now trying to play catch-up.

Dozens of stories in the last few weeks alone, all about how the “boogaloo bois” are troublemakers in the making. It seems Facebook listened to those stories, too.

Facebook on Tuesday removed hundreds of accounts and groups associated with a network of the far-right “boogaloo” movement whose followers have been linked to violence that disrupted mostly peaceful protests around the United States.

Facebook said it was designating the faction of the boogaloo movement that advocates violence as a “dangerous organization” and had taken down 220 accounts, 28 pages, 106 groups and 95 accounts on Facebook-owned Instagram that were associated with it. The social media platform said it also had removed 400 more Facebook accounts and more than 100 additional groups that supported or praised the violent network.

Facebook’s move against the boogaloo movement came after federal prosecutors charged several adherents of the movement with crimes across the U.S., including the killing of a security officer at a federal courthouse in Oakland, Calif., and a plot to use explosives at a Las Vegas protest against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.


The problem is that it’s not a movement, it’s a meme.

The whole thing about Hawaiian shirts, night-vision goggles, and an attitude are just part of the joke.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some people who were part of this have also been arrested for allegedly trying to do some horrible stuff. I’m not going to defend these alleged actions.

However, I will say that 99.9 percent of the people who are part of the “boogaloo movement” are people who like sharing memes and jokes revolving around this whole idea. To remove all of these groups over the actions of a relatively small number of people is troubling, especially since we also know that numerous Black Lives Matter protests erupted into actual violence. Will Facebook remove those accounts?

Probably not.

Look, I’m not saying those guys who were looking for trouble aren’t bad news. Anyone who looks for trouble is. But any group, formal or otherwise, is going to have some bad seeds. Especially when that “group” revolves around a joke that’s become a meme.

Facebook did nothing but feed into the hysteria.

Meanwhile, the meme will soon morph into something else and everyone will be back up and running in no time flat.


It’s just too bad Facebook won’t take the same action against Antifa, a group that’s carried out countless acts of violence.

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