Does Wearing A Mask Intefere With Lawfully Carrying A Gun?

While it was easy to forget for a while, COVID-19 is still a thing. People are still being impacted by this disease, even though most of the country has opened back up.


Right now, rather than lockdowns, authorities are focusing on people wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

However, there are some places that frown on people carrying guns and wearing masks at the same time, as a general rule. They even have laws against it.

Yet, is it really an issue? I mean, with COVID-19 being around, is it really going to land you in hot water?

Well, a Kansas City news station opted to find out.

More local and state governments are mandating the use of masks, and while that argument continues, there is one concern that can be put to rest for gun owners.

Posts on social media are claiming that wearing a face mask may impact someone’s right to carry a gun or use a conceal and carry permit. The claim is that those permits don’t allow a person to conceal their identity.

Gun laws vary from state to state, and when gun laws were written, no one was planning on a global pandemic.

However, a number of sources have pushed back against this claim. According to the website, sheriffs across the country have issued statements debunking the claim.

KCTV5 News specifically checked laws in Missouri and Kansas, and neither state has requirements about concealing identity regarding conceal and carry.

The problem with fact-checking websites is that their fact checks aren’t always particularly factual themselves. As such, you’d do well to take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

At least as it applies to your specific instance.

Many jurisdictions don’t have any rules against carrying a firearm with a valid permit while wearing a mask. Some have rules against masks in general, rules that have been suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but not about wearing one while armed.


So, what should you do? Just skip wearing a mask? Forget about taking your firearm? What can a law-abiding citizen concerned about the virus do?

First, one thing the fact-checkers are mostly right about is that many such rules have been suspended. Officials want people wearing masks, so they’re doing what they can to encourage that. Telling people they can’t wear a mask and a firearm at the same time won’t really accomplish that goal and most of them know it.

However, don’t take anyone’s word for it. Instead, reach out to your local law enforcement and ask them. Remember, they’re the people in charge of enforcing these laws. You can also speak with someone at the local district attorney’s office. They’re often better versed in the law and the ramifications of that. Hell, call all of them if you want. If you can a consensus, you know you’re straight.

Look, don’t just decide not to wear a mask because a post on Facebook said you couldn’t. Get the facts as they apply to your area first, then make your decision based on that. The truth is, you’re probably good to go, but it’s wise to make sure first.

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