Newtown Action Alliance Applauds Subway's Non-Ban Ban

Some days, it’s really hard to keep up with all the gun control groups. It seems like every incident spawns still another group of gun grabbers who want to change their world all on their own. So, one can be forgiven for forgetting a particular one exists.


That’s kind of what happened with me and the Newtown Action Alliance. I remember the name, but they’re not someone I really think about when I talk about our opponents.

Then again, they seem to do stuff like this, which makes it kind of hard to take them seriously.

The Newtown Action Alliance is among several groups applauding the Subway restaurant chain for changing its policy to ban open carry inside its restaurants, even in states where open carry is permitted.

Subway’s action follows multiple requests made to its CEO, John Chidsey, by gun control advocates in the wake of armed anti-lockdown protesters visiting a North Carolina Subway shop in May.

On May 18, Newtown Action AllianceGuns Down America, and Daily Kos sent a letter signed by 153 families and survivors impacted by gun violence to Chidsey. This petition was signed by 43,167 Americans, according to the NAA, and Moms Rising also submitted a petition with 10,000 signatures. Last week, Connecticut Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy followed up with this letter to Chidsey.

Po Murray, chairwoman of Newtown Action Alliance stated: “We are grateful that Subway listened to the families and survivors directly impacted by gun violence, as well as Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, and concerned citizens from Connecticut and across the nation by changing its policy. In a nation plagued by the scourge of gun violence and lockdown drills, the mere sight of weapons in restaurants and other public venues is often triggering. Many Americans, including those of us from Sandy Hook who have been exposed to gun violence, suffer from PTSD.”


Except, Subway didn’t do any such thing, you bunch of insufferable twits.

See, as Cam noted when he covered the decision, Subway didn’t ban a damn thing.

You see, what Subway did was simply ask people not to open carry in their restaurants. That’s it. He didn’t enact a policy that ordered restaurants to become gun-free zones or to call the police when an armed citizen entered the store. No, he just said, “Please don’t.”

If you think that’s a gun ban, then why not try saying, “Please don’t buy assault weapons” then go about your lives and leave the rest of us alone.

The truth of the matter is that they’ve accomplished nothing. Nothing at all.

Yet they’re going to crow over this significant victory because winning brings in money. People don’t want to donate money to groups that can’t win their battles, so they’ll claim victories that never really happened, especially when a complicit media won’t call them on their BS. So, people will send money to the Newtown Action Alliance and other groups, believing that they accomplished this big win, when they’ve done no such thing.

I’d argue that this is fraud, but since they’re defrauding gun grabbers, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

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