Alabama Raid Illustrates Gun Control Fail

Alabama Raid Illustrates Gun Control Fail

“Gun laws work.”

How many times have we heard that kind of nonsense? Over and over again, anti-gunners routinely argue that gun laws work. They believe that criminals somehow follow gun laws and that with just a few more laws, our land will be peaceful and everyone will get along.

Of course, that’s a load of male bovine excrement.

We all know that criminals get guns in a myriad of ways. Most come from some kind of illegal activity such as a straw purchase, theft, or being bought on the black market.

Much of this can be illustrated by a raid in Alabama.

Citronelle Police Chief Tyler Norris said 45 guns were seized in a raid at a home around 3:30 Wednesday morning.

Chief Norris said this was a part of “Operation Safer-in-Citro,” trying to get weapons off the street.

Now, the media always like to make it sound like the person has an arsenal, but 45 guns ain’t anything to sneeze out. While I’m sure we all know people with more guns–possibly including ourselves–that’s still not a small collection.

But, in and of itself, having a lot of guns doesn’t many anything other than you probably like guns.

Where the problem lies is in where some of these guns came from.

Inside, police found more than one gun. In fact, they found 45 along with a stash of ammo.

“Those were pistols, long guns, shot guns, rifles, that kind of thing. Also recovered quite a bit of ammunition and a significant bullet proof vest that was actually issued by the U.S. Navy Special Forces,” he said.

Chief Norris says some of the guns came back stolen. They are still processing the others.

He said this operation is just one of many planned to continue to clean up the streets.

This wasn’t some random raid, either. Police received a tip that the shooter in a recent attack lived at that address. While it remains to be seen if the person there was the shooter or not, at least some of those weapons were stolen, which is going to cause at least some problems for the person in question.

Yet here’s the thing. This is someone who had at least some stolen guns. Some of the others may well have been stolen but not reported–many don’t report stolen guns or lack the serial number for the guns to turn up as stolen if recovered–but others may have been obtained through any number of other means.

And yet, you’re going to tell me that somehow, gun control will make this all go away? Seriously?

Only the truly deluded could actually hold to that insane line of “reasoning.” The truth is that gun control has never stopped criminals. At best, it’s only slowed them down. What it does, though, is get in the way of law-abiding citizens who would like to follow the law, but are now inhibited from exercising their Second Amendment rights over this kind of stupidity.

It’s enough to drive a man to drink, but gun control damn sure won’t stop criminals from doing anything.