Oregon Officials Threaten Lawsuit Over Federal Officers' Arrests

The city of Portland, Oregon is a complete and total trainwreck. The well-known Antifa stronghold has played host to protests and/or riots every night for over six weeks now. Numerous acts of violence have been committed, including attacks on federal buildings within the city.


As a result, the federal government has opted to step in and take care of business when it applies, up to and including arresting those involved in criminal activities. After all, it doesn’t seem that Portland is interested in stopping much of anything.

Now, Oregon officials are threatening civil rights lawsuits against the federal government.

Protests in Portland, Ore., continued through early Sunday morning, following the Oregon Department of Justice’s announcement it would be suing several federal agencies for civil rights abuses in the state. Demonstrations have taken place in the city for weeks following the police killing of George Floyd in May.

Protesters dismantled fences in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center and Hatfield Federal Courthouse. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon had previously said the fences were in place to “de-escalate tensions between protesters and federal law enforcement officers” and allow repairs on the buildings to begin.

Demonstrators also set fire to the Portland Police Association building, according to Portland police. The fire was put out later in the evening, and police declared a riot in the area.

Tear gas and flash bangs were used on protesters and arrests were made, according to videos and photos from the scene posted on social media.

The Oregon Department of Justice announced Saturday it would be suing several federal agencies for civil rights abuses, and state prosecutors will potentially pursue criminal charges against a federal officer who seriously injured a protester.


From what that linked news report claims, that is a problem. I don’t necessarily believe it, of course, because we know how the media likes to lie, but if this one is accurate, that suggests an inquiry into the officer’s actions is warranted.

However, let’s not forget the role Portland has played in this.

Federal law enforcement is only there because government officials in Portland are completely and totally unable or unwilling to control their city. These officers are there to protect buildings that have been targeted over and over again with vandalism going well beyond graffiti spray pained on the walls.

While this one officer might have acted out of line, the truth is that tensions have ramped up to such a degree because the local government on the ground there let it get that way.

If Portland wants to end the presence of federal law enforcement officers, then perhaps their police department should step in and keep things from getting out of hand. They won’t, though, because the Antifa thugs involved in these protests are a key part of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s support base, apparently, so he’s got to kiss the proverbial ring.


I have a feeling that lawsuits against the feds, at least for the most part, aren’t going to work out well for Oregon. Then again, it’s not about that. The threats are about signaling that officials hold the right opinions, all in hopes that the mob won’t come for them next.

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