Men's Rights Activist And Attorney Suspected Of NJ Shooting

If there’s a flip side to modern feminism, many would argue that it’s the Men’s Rights Movement. The idea is that these men’s rights activists (MRAs) are pushing issues that matter to men and serve as something of a counter to the left’s preferred brand of feminism we often see.

However, some MRAs are…well, they’re a little weird, to put it mildly. Not all, to be sure, but many.

Now, authorities think at least one of them might have been extremely violent.

Authorities believe an attorney found dead in New York Monday was the shooter who killed a New Jersey federal judge’s son and wounded her husband a day earlier, law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case tell News 4.

The body, identified by sources as attorney Roy Den Hollander, was found on a property in the Sullivan County town of Rockland, near Liberty, which is in the New York Catskills. Den Hollander had previously announced on a GoFundMe page, titled “Cancer knocks you down & doctors finish you off,” that he was being treated for an apparent serious cancer condition.

One senior law enforcement official said authorities are looking into a file or envelope that was meant for Judge Esther Salas possibly found near Den Hollander, who may have died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Some of the information in the packet may have contained details about a prominent men’s rights figure in California who was killed July 11, and authorities are looking into whether Den Hollander could be connected in any way to the killing.

According to law enforcement sources, investigators also found material about Judge Janet DiFiore, the chief judge of the state of New York. The FBI briefed DiFiore of the information on her that had been found in the suspect’s car, a court spokesperson said.

This is interesting because Den Hollander apparently wasn’t a big fan of feminism–an ideology that loves women like DiFiore and Salas.

Den Hollander was a notoriously anti-feminist men’s rights attorney, whose vitriolic website and book condemn women in rage-filled terms. In one of his books, he specifically blasted Salas by name as “lazy and incompetent” and said her only accomplishment was being a high school cheerleader. Den Hollander appeared in her court at one time as counsel in a lawsuit over the all-male military draft.

(Den Hollander previously sued multiple anchors and reporters from NBC News and other networks, alleging they engaged in an illegal conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.)

Den Hollander was best known previously for unsuccessful lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of “ladies night” promotions at bars and nightclubs. His litigation, and willingness to appear on television, earned him spots on The Colbert Report and MSNBC.

And yet, now here we are.

To be fair, authorities haven’t said that yes, Den Hollander was the shooter. Right now, they’re just looking at him. If he is, then it’s kind of over and done with since there can’t be a trial.

However, that doesn’t mean this won’t spur a trial in the media. Not just of Den Hollander, but of MRAs in general. This will likely rekindle the debate on incels, as well, though MRAs and incels aren’t necessarily the same thing.

We’re also likely to have a debate about how the gun was purchased, how to prevent people like this from getting guns, and so on. All of that deflects from the fact that a young man is dead and early indications are that this guy may have done it.