Survey Suggests Gun Control Not A Winner For Dems

When the campaign season kicked off, Democrats figured that gun control would be a good issue to run on. Unlike in past years, there definitely seemed to be a public opinion shift on guns and they figured it was a good time to exploit it. After all, in the post-Parkland world, gun control helped several politicians win office. It only stood to reason that Democrats would try to take advantage.

However, that was before COVID-19 and riots ravaging our cities’ streets for weeks on end.

Since then, there’s been a feeling that things have changed. After all, we now have millions of new gun owners and still more looking to buy as tensions continue to simmer. Yet, despite that, we didn’t really have evidence of that.

Well, we do now.

A new survey among likely voters in 18 key battleground states found the number one reason for firearm ownership is for protection and that most are opposed to arbitrary gun bans.

The survey results, released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation on Monday, found that more than half believe self-defense is the primary motivation for firearm ownership. Moreover, almost 60 percent said that a ban on semi-automatic rifles would have little effect on crime, with 51 percent opposing a ban on such firearms. Just under half said a restriction on magazine capacity would have no effect on crime.

“The results tell us Americans want their right to purchase the firearm of their choice, especially when it comes to their personal safety,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “These results also tell us that enforcing existing laws is a better use of public resources than efforts to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. Those likely voters are telling us they want to be able to purchase what they believe will meet their needs without onerous government interference.”

So, there went that plan for the Dems, now didn’t it?

And let’s understand, these are 18 battleground states. This isn’t in states that the GOP has a firm hold on. These are states that are up for grabs come November. Honestly, I didn’t think there were that many battleground states in the first place. Those are the states needed to win the election.

This doesn’t mean the election is a slam dunk for President Trump, it does mean that anti-gun pushes in these states aren’t likely to yield any support and may well lose it.

That is going to play a factor in the elections, to be sure. Especially since there’s absolutely no way for Biden to backtrack on guns at this point. The only question is whether it will play a large enough factor.

However, I suspect that it might.

After all, we’ve watched weeks upon weeks of riots and other civil unrest throughout the nation. We’ve watched in horror as people have been beaten half to death and others outright murdered on American streets simply because the mob wanted to hurt them. People have seen this and they’re not happy about it.

More importantly, though, they don’t want to be victims themselves. They don’t want their homes burned to the ground. That means guns, and if you’re talking about a mob, a handgun or a double-barreled shotgun ain’t gonna cut it. They want the AR-15 or a similar rifle, something they can use to defend themselves from a rampaging horde bent on destruction.

The very gun Joe Biden wants to ban.

As I said, it doesn’t make it an automatic win for Trump, but gun control isn’t going to help Biden.