No, Gun Owners Aren't Coming To Save You

No, Gun Owners Aren't Coming To Save You

As of right now, I’m seeing a whole lot of people on the left outraged over what is happening in our cities. Not the rioting, the looting, the arson, or other forms vandalism. Oh no, they’re upset that federal officers are rolling up and arresting people off the streets rather than trusting corrupt, incompetent, and/or dispirited local police departments to take care of it.


It’s bad enough that Democrat mayors of a handful of large cities seeing massive civil unrest are calling on President Trump to withdraw federal officers.

Now, some of the reports are troubling, to be sure. Officers arresting people without identifying themselves as federal officers isn’t something we should be cool with in this country. I suspect that’s not the case since I see tapes on officers’ uniforms identifying their agencies, but the reports themselves are concerning. The pics aren’t all the arrests, after all.

However, many on the left are now asking where the gun owners are. After all, they argue, we’ve said we want guns to combat oppression, so where are we?

Well, we’re not coming to save you.

You see, while I may take issue with the details of how the Trump administration is dealing with these criminals, these are criminals. They’re not political dissidents who merely angered the Commander-in-Chief. No, they’re people who took part in criminal acts against federal buildings and they’re being arrested over it.

There’s absolutely nothing about that which is oppressive.


Yet even if we thought otherwise, we probably still wouldn’t swoop in to save you.

I can’t speak for everyone, but when someone calls me racist, misogynist, bigoted, worthless, or any of the thousands of other insults I’ve gotten personally, I don’t feel obliged to risk my life to protect them from a government that was goaded into acting by your own lawless behavior. I’m sorry, but while I’ll defend people I disagree with, I’m not going to risk me or my family over your own poor decisions.

What happened to George Floyd was awful. It sparked a conversation we needed to have in this country. We need to talk about police reform, at least in Minneapolis, but probably elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the petulant children of this great land decided that the officers responsible being fired and prosecuted wasn’t enough “justice” for them, so they went on a multi-city rampage. They burned small businesses, many of which were minority-owned. They destroyed an affordable housing project all while screaming about justice for the poor.

Then, the very crowd who did this–the very crowd that has derided gun owners for years now–is getting rolled up by federal law enforcement and they’re screaming for us to swoop in and save the day.



No, you don’t get to vilify millions of Americans, insulting everything from their intelligence to genital size, and then expect us to save you from the aftermath of your own decisions. That’s not how it works. That’s not our line in the sand.

Sure, some will take issue with what the feds are doing. Others will applaud it. Many others will be somewhere in between. None of that matters, because none of them are going to lift a finger to grab their guns and put their lives at risk over your own stupidity.

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