Bloomberg Celebrated By Media For Doing What They Vilify NRA For

The National Rifle Association is the big dog when it comes to pro-Second Amendment campaign contributions. They’ve got more money than any other group and they have the expertise to know where to put it so that it’ll do the most good.

Because of that, they’re accused of buying elections and buying politicians. They’re not doing anything that’s not perfectly legal and that every other group out there is doing, but because they back a position the media has deemed wrong, they get accused of all kinds of corruption.

Yet, as Cam reported yesterday, when Michael Bloomberg throws millions at political races, the media doesn’t make those same accusations.

Now, this is an individual who is trying to influence elections in places he doesn’t live, just to advance his own political agenda, and this is somehow less insidious than a group representing millions upon millions of Americans making donations in various places where their own members live and work?


Of course, this is really just another data point on the whole idea of media bias. No one on the left is going to call Michael Bloomberg down for his efforts because they like his efforts. It’s only bad when the other side does it, you see.

Now, I don’t actually care. It’s his money and he’s free to waste it however he wants to. I don’t think the law should stop him from spending it like this so long as he’s not literally buying candidates with it. Bribes and other kinds of actual corruption are too far, but other than that, I don’t care.

You see, that’s because I’m not a raging hypocrite, unlike most in the media.

I don’t like what Bloomberg is doing, but I’ll defend his right to do it even while I’m voraciously opposing his political positions with every fiber of my being.

With the mainstream media, though, you’re not going to get that. What you’re going to see is them bending over backward to accommodate the anti-gun agenda everywhere they can. Take Thursday’s news of a massive number of prohibited people trying to buy guns. As is noted there, the “massive” increase amounts to just fractions of a percent increase. Raw numbers look scary, but there’s no real increase in criminals to try and buy guns at gun stores when you consider the overall increase in gun sales.

Then again, that’s not their go-to place to get a gun, anyway.

At some point, the media has to be held accountable for their constant attempts at manipulating American politics. While the First Amendment prohibits the government from doing it, that same First Amendment gives us the tools to hold them accountable ourselves. We have the right to protest their actions, actions such as holding up Bloomberg as some kind of a hero when they vilify the NRA for doing the exact same thing.

We can and we should.

Maybe then they’ll start to get the message that the American people are sick of this kind of nonsense.